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The South Carolina Judicial Department is proud to announce the availability of a new educational program designed to allow South Carolina students to gain a first-hand working knowledge of South Carolina's highest court. Each month streaming video of a case argued before the Supreme Court will be posted. Students will be able to review the briefs submitted for a case and watch the proceedings of the Court.


NEW! McFarland v. Rashtchian


Kennedy v. Richland School District Two

Vicary v. Town of Awendaw

State v. Corey J. Williams

State v. Jennifer Lynn Alexander

Sierra Club v.South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Meredith Huffman v. Sunshine Recylcing, LLC

Travis Roddey v. Wal-Mart Stores East


State v. James Dill

State v. Tyrone King

Jacklyn Donevant v. Town of Surside Beach

State v. David Ledford

State v. Tyrel Collins

Linda Rodarte v. University of South Carolina


State v. Walter Bash

Louis Michael Winkler v. State

Bobby Stone v. State

Stephen Brock v. Town of Mount Pleasant

State v. Whitlee Jones


State v. Alexander Hunsberger

State v. Michael Pearson

State v. Christopher Broadnax

State v. Kendra Samuel


State v. Diamon Fripp

State v. Charvus Nesbitt

State v. Bryant Kinloch

McNaughten v. Charleston Charter School

In the Interest of Stephen W.

Matthew Jamison v. State of South Carolina

Joe Perry and Osteen Publishing Co., v. Harvin Bullock

Catawba Indian Nation v. State


Ronald Grubb v. Clarendon Memorial Hospital

State v. Paul Gwinn

Mildred Shatto v. McLeod Medical Center

L. Paul Trask, Jr. v. Beaufort County

Health Promotion Specialist, LLC. v. South Carolina Board of Dentistry

Carolina Water Service, Inc. v. SC Office of Regulatory Staff

John S. Rainey v. Nimrata "Nikki" R. Haley

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina v. School District No. 2 of Dorchester County

State v. Steven Louis Barnes


Gause v. Smithers and Hunt

In the Interest of Tracy B., A Minor Under the Age of Seventeen

Disabato v. SC Ass'n of School Administrators

Ex parte: Belinda Davis-Branch. In re: Larry Solomon v. Betty Jean Solomon

Franklin Hutson v.South Carolina State Ports Authority

Clarence Rutland, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Tiffanie Rutland. v. South Carolina Department of Transportation

Blue Moon of Newberry, Inc. v. South Carolina Department of Revenue

Howard Alston Duncan, Jr. and Thomas Duncan v. Rose Ann Voyles and Mary Liverman


State v. Taylor

Karen Cole v. Boy Scouts of America

State and Jerry Buck Inman

Gerald Bass v. Gopal, Inc. and Super 8 Motels, Inc.

Cole Vision Corporation and Sears Roebuck & Company, Inc. v. Steven C. Hobbs, O.D. and NCMIC Insurance Company

State of South Carolina v. Dickey

Patricia S. Tenney v. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

The State v. Gregory Kirk Duncan


Joseph Stinney v. Sumter School District 17

The State, Appellant v. Gregory Leon Wright, Ernest Anderson, Elijah Carroll,
Orlando Coulette, Reco Ham, Jennifer Lyles, and Booker Washington, Respondents

The State, Respondent, v. Reginald R. Lattimore, Appellant.
The State, Respondent, v. Andrew James Harrelson, Jr., Appellant

The State, Respondent, v. Andres Anthony Torres, Appellant

Erick L. Bradshaw, Sr., Doreen Montepara and Michael Montepara,
Appellants, v. Anderson County, and Edwin E. Moore, individually,
Thomas Allen, individually, and Robert E. Waldrep, Jr., individually, Respondents.

Glendon Allaby, et al, Respondents, v. R.G. Stair and Faith Cathedral Fellowship, Inc. a/k/a Overcomer Ministries, Appellant

Willie L. Jones, Personal Representative of the Estate of Chad Jones, Petitioner,
v. Leon Lott, Linn Pitts, Gilbert Gallegos and Clark Frady, individually
and in their official capacities with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, Respondents.

George Jensen Aakjer, III, et al, Petitioners, v. City of Myrtle Beach
and City of Myrtle Beach Municipal Court, Respondents.

Ted Corbett, Petitioner, v. Jordan William Weaver, a minor over the age of fourteen (14) years,
and Michael Joel Weaver, Defendants, of whom Michael Joel Weaver is the Respondent


The State, Respondent, v. Garry L. Valentine, Appellant

The State, Respondent, v. Terry T. Tindall, Petitioner

Teresa Edwards, Appellant, v. Lexington County Sheriff’s
Department and County of Lexington, Respondent

November 4, 2008 Bluffton Town Council Election.  Fred Hamilton, Jr.,
and Allyne Mitchell, Respondents, v. Jeff Fulgham, Normand Thomas,
and the Beaufort County Board of Elections and Voter Registration,
of whom Jeff Fulgham and Normand Thomas are Appellants - May 2009

Frank W. Kerr, as Personal Representative for the Estate of Marta Butler
Kerr, Deceased, Appellant, v. Richland Memorial Hospital, Respondent - April 2009

The State, Respondent, v. Raphael Hernandez, Honorio Guerrero, and Alfredo Avila-Arjona, Petitioners - March 2009

The State, Respondent, v. Gary White, Petitioner - February 2009

Marsha Tennant, Petitioner, v. Beaufort County School District, Employer - January 2009


The State, Petitioner/Respondent, v. Danny Orlando Wharton, Respondent/Petitioner - December 2008

Jennifer Marie Harris, Appellant, v. Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Respondent - November 2008

Robert William Metts v. Berkeley Independent Publishing Company, Inc.- October 2008

Russell Laffitte v. Bridgestone Corporation - September 2008

Phyllis J. Wogan v. Kenneth C. Kunze, M.D. - May 2008

The State v. Colie G. Martin, Jr. and Colie G. Martin, III - April 2008

The State v. Berry Scott Bolin - March 2008

Carolyn Bair Austin v. Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office - February 2008

The Foothills Brewing Concern v. The City of Greenville - January 2008


Edward D. Sloan, Jr. v. Inez Moore Tenenbaum, Superintendent of Education - December 2007

State v. Johnson - November 2007

Linog v. Yampolsky - October 2007

State v. Charles Jordan Tillinghast - September, 2007

In the Matter of Russell James B., a Minor under the Age of Seventeen - March, 2007

State v. Lavelle Weaver - February, 2007

Catawba Indian Tribe of South Carolina v. State of South Carolina - January, 2007


Gecy v. Bagwell - December, 2006

Armstrong v. Food Lion, Inc. - November, 2006

Hurst v. East Coast Hockey League, Inc. - October, 2006

State v. Sowell - May, 2006

State v. Pagan - April, 2006

State v. McCombs - March, 2006

Angus v. Burroughs & Chapin Co., Myrtle Beach Herald - February, 2006

Palmetto Princess, LLC v. Town of Edisto Beach - January, 2006


Sloan v. Friends of the Hunley - November, 2005

Smith v. Doe - October, 2005

Marcum v. Bowden - May, 2005

Sloan v. DOT - April, 2005

Post and Courier v. City of North Charleston - March, 2005

Overcash v. SCE&G - February, 2005

Tripp v. Price - January, 2005


Dewalt v. SCE&G - December, 2004

Clark v. SCDOPS - October, 2004

State v. Binney - September, 2004