Driving under the Influence

Point System- Suspension due to accumulation of point violations

Reckless Driving for second and subsequent offenses (in a 5 year period)

Leaving the Scene of an Accident (personal injury)

Involuntary Manslaughter

Reckless Homicide

Driving under Suspension

Transporting Illegal Whiskey

Failure to Pay Property Tax


Driving Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Failure to Stop for Blue Light

False Information-Insurance

Acquiescing in Racing

Habitual Offender

Failure to Make Payment for Gasoline

Driving under Suspension-Failure to Pay Traffic Ticket

Driving under Suspension-DUI

Driving under Suspension- Person is suspended in another state

Excessive points

Driving under Suspension-Failure to Pay Traffic Ticket

Court Ordered Suspension

Alcohol Violation

Controlled Substance Violation

Failure to Stop for Blue Light/Bodily Injury or Death

Delinquent Child Support

Passing Stopped School Bus/Bodily Injury or Death

Operating Unlicensed Vehicle or Taxi

Cancellation of Insurance

Owner Operating uninsured

Non-owner operating uninsured

Accident uninsured motorist suspension

Fail to Successfully Complete ADSAP

False Information on Commercial Motor Vehicle application

Altering or Defacing Signs or Signals

Child Endangerment

Implied Consent under 21-Refusal to Blow under age of 21

BAC .15 or greater

BAC .02 or greater under 21

Failure to Show Proof of Insurance at Time of Stop

Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance

Misrepresentation of Identity

Felony in a Motor Vehicle

Dishonored Check

Failure to Verify Insurance

Unlawful Alcohol Concentration

Implied Consent-Refusal to Blow

Operating a commercial vehicle while vehicle has been put out of service

Felony DUI

Failure to Pay Traffic Ticket

Departmental Suspension

Negligent or Criminal Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicle-Fatality