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Re: 365 Day Benchmark


Pursuant to the provisions of S. C. CONST. Art. V, § 4,

IT IS ORDERED that eighty percent of all criminal cases in each circuit in the State of South Carolina shall be disposed of within 365 days from the date of the defendant's arrest. Provided, however, that the circuit court may continue a criminal case beyond 365 days by written order if the court determines that exceptional circumstances exist in the case.  This order does not create or define a right of a defendant to a speedy trial.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Chief Justice's order dated March 5, 1999 which states that all criminal cases shall be disposed within 180 days from the date of defendant's arrest is hereby rescinded.


  s/Jean Hoefer Toal
Jean Hoefer Toal, Chief Justice

May 13, 2013
Columbia, South Carolina