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2021-01-26-01 (Superseded by Order 2022-04-11-02)

The Supreme Court of South Carolina


Re: Sixth Circuit Veterans Treatment Court Program




I FIND the South Carolina Legislature, recognizing the need for and benefits of a Veterans Treatment Court Program, enacted the Veterans Treatment Court Program Act on June 10, 2014, which establishes a diversionary program to be administered by circuit solicitors.  Veterans Treatment Court programs are intended to divert qualifying nonviolent military veteran offenders away from the criminal justice system and into appropriate treatment programs.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article V, Section 4 of the South Carolina Constitution,

IT IS ORDERED that a Veterans Treatment Court Program be established in the Sixth Circuit for Chester, Fairfield, and Lancaster Counties.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Honorable Russell N. Feaster, Sr., Chief Magistrate Judge for Fairfield County, is assigned to preside over the Veterans Treatment Court Program for the Sixth Circuit.  Pursuant to this appointment, Judge Feaster may preside over guilty pleas, bond hearings, probation revocations, motions, and other proceedings related to defendants participating in the Veterans Treatment Court Program for the Sixth Circuit.  Further, Judge Feaster may impose sanctions for violations of the conditions of the Veterans Treatment Court Program.  Judge Feaster will have concurrent jurisdiction in Chester, Fairfield, and Lancaster Counties pursuant to the Sixth Circuit Veterans Treatment Court Program.

This Order takes effect immediately and remains in effect unless amended or rescinded by the Chief Justice.

s/Donald W. Beatty                                   
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina
January 26, 2021