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Re: General Sessions Sentencing Sheet



Pursuant to Rule 36, SCRCrimP, the attached revised General Sessions Sentencing Sheet, SCCA/217 (7/2021) is approved effective July 12, 2021, as the sentencing sheet to be used in cases disposed of in the South Carolina General Sessions Courts. The form has been updated to include:

  • Option to authorize “time spent on monitored house arrest” as part of a credit for time served sentence

  • Option to authorize the defendant to be released from the county detention center

  • Option of additional requirements for completion during probation

  • Addition of Unpaid Application Fee to be paid to the public defender fund

  • Addition of the Fraudulent Check Administrative Fee

  • Formatting changes that do not affect content

The form will be available on the South Carolina Judicial Branch website at

s/Donald W. Beatty                                   
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina
July 8, 2021