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3. Authorization


(a)  Attorneys.

(1)  Eligibility. Any attorney who is licensed by the Supreme Court of South Carolina, is a member in good standing of the South Carolina Bar, and is authorized to engage in the practice of law before the Court of Commons Pleas is eligible to register and participate in the E-Filing Pilot Program. Attorneys admitted pro hac vice are not eligible to participate in the Pilot Program and must submit Electronic Filings through local counsel of record.

(2) Registration. To register, an attorney must complete an Electronic Registration Agreement by logging on to the attorney's account in the Attorney Information System (AIS). The attorney's email address for E-Service shall be the same email address(es) the attorney provided in AIS in accordance with Rule 410(e), SCACR. The attorney is responsible for updating any change in his or her email address(es) as set forth in Rule 410(g), SCACR.

(3)  Agreement to Terms and Conditions. In addition to complying with these Policies and Guidelines, an eligible attorney must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Filing prior to participating in the Pilot Program.

(b) Consent to Electronic Service and Electronic Filing of all Documents. An Authorized E-Filer consents to E-Service as set forth in Section 4 below. All Authorized E-Filers must utilize the E-Filing System to E-File all documents and pleadings that are required to be served on other parties to the case under Rule 5(d), SCRCP.

(c) Use and Misuse of Login and Passwords.
(1)  Supervised Use Permitted. Authorized E-Filers are solely responsible for and shall protect their login information and passwords. However, an attorney who is an Authorized E-Filer may permit an authorized agent, such as another attorney or a non-attorney assistant under the attorney's supervision, to utilize the attorney's login and password information and file on behalf of the attorney. Attorneys who are Authorized E-Filers are responsible for supervising other attorneys and non-attorney employees with respect to any E-Filing performed on their behalf.

(2)  Notification of Unauthorized Use. An Authorized E-Filer shall immediately notify the South Carolina Judicial Branch Information Technology (IT) Helpdesk at the telephone number or email address listed on the South Carolina Judicial Branch's website,, if the Authorized E-Filer learns or suspects his or her login and password has been used without authorization.

Amended by Order dated May 27, 2022.