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E-Filing Attorney FAQs

Registration and Access

1.  How do I change my password?

You may use the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the E-Filing login page or access AIS directly to change your password.

2.  Is the South Carolina E-Filing System the same as the Federal Court's PACER System?

No.  The two systems are different and separate accounts are needed to access each system.

3.  Who can E-File using the South Carolina E-Filing System?

Licensed South Carolina attorneys who are in good standing can electronically file court documents using South Carolina E-Filing. 

4.  Do I need to register for E-Filing?

Yes.  Attorneys cannot access the South Carolina E-Filing system until they have registered through the Attorney Information System (AIS).  Requesting access to the E-Filing system requires the following  steps: 1) review your attorney contact information (law firm and email address(es)) in AIS and 2) accept the Terms and Conditions on the E-Filing  tab.  Once you have completed these steps, you are automatically registered as an E-Filer.  You may now E-File documents and receive notifications from any county that is currently participating in E-Filing.

It is strongly recommended that you review your AIS information, especially your email address(es), since E-Filing will communicate with you through these email address(es).

5.  Do I have to register in each county?

No.  Registering as an E-Filer in the AIS allows you to E-File in any county that has implemented E-Filing.

6.  Does my registration expire?

No.  Your E-Filing registration does not expire.  Once you register as an E-Filer, you do not have to register again.

7.  What should I do if my attorney/firm/office contact information is incorrect in the Attorney Information System?

You must update your contact information through AIS before proceeding to accept the Terms and Conditions to become an E-Filer. The South Carolina E-Filing system uses your email address(es) to send information to you related to actions taken in the E-Filing system.  As a licensed attorney in South Carolina, you are required to update your AIS information within five (5) days of a change.

8.  May I authorize someone else to act as my agent for purposes of E-Filing?

Yes; however you are responsible for anyone who uses your credentials to access the E-Filing System.

9.  Who can use my username and password?

You are responsible for anyone who knows your username and password.  If you feel your password has been compromised, you should change your password immediately and contact the South Carolina Judicial Department Help Desk at (803) 734-1200 if you suspect your username and password have been used without your authorization.

10.  I attempted to log in to my account and now it is locked. How do I get my account unlocked?

You will need to contact the South Carolina Judicial Department Help Desk at (803) 734-1200.

11.  How will I know if another attorney has registered an an E-Filer?

The Notice of Electronic Filing will show who was E-Served.  An indication that someone must be served by traditional means indicates the other attorney may not have yet registered to E-File.

12.  Will pro se litigants be able to E-File?

No.  Only an attorney who is a registered E-Filer may file on behalf of a party to a case.

13.  Do I need to enter leading zeros in my E-Filing login User Name?

No, leading zeros should not be included.