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E-Filing Attorney FAQs

Signature Requirements

1.  Is a handwritten signature required?

Authorized E-Filers may use an electronic signature in E-Filing. Any document that must be signed by someone who is not an Authorized E-Filer requires a handwritten signature.

2.  How do I E-File documents that require multiple signatures?

Documents that normally need the signature of more than one attorney, such as consent motions, can be E-Filed by one attorney by inserting the electronic signature (s/signature) of the other attorneys. You must obtain written consent from the other attorneys. Evidence of this agreement can be via email, fax etc. The filing attorney should keep these documents for his/her files.

3.  How do I E-File a document which requires an original signature from a non E-Filer?

A document which requires an original signature, once signed, can be scanned into a searchable PDF format and E-Filed.

4.  How do I electronically sign a document for e-filing?

You will use your digital signature (s/signature). For further details, see the attorney reference guide ARG-02 Electronic Signatures.