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E-Filing Attorney FAQs

Payment of Fees

1.  Can I pay filing fees by electronic check or EFT from my bank account?

No.  All fees must be paid by credit card.

2.  What types of credit cards will be accepted?

Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express cards are accepted.

3.  Can the E-Filing system store my credit card information?

No, due to federal banking and credit card requirements, neither the South Carolina Judicial Department, nor SCGov stores any credit card information.

4.  Do you accept bulk prepayment of fees instead of paying for each E-Filing?

No.  Fees can only be paid at the time a document is submitted.

5.  Do I have to pay E-Filing costs as well as court costs?

A technology fee is added to all transactions that require a filing fee.  Any transaction with fees will also incur charges from SCGov for payment processing. All fees may be reviewed on the Review and Approve Filing page prior to submission.

6.  On the payment screen, why does it say "estimated" court fees?  Can the fees be changed for some reason? 

The clerk may reduce or waive the fees.  The clerk cannot increase the fees.

7.  Is the credit card transaction posted when the E-Filing is submitted?

No.  The credit card transaction is pending until the Clerk accepts the filing.

8.  What if I represent a client who isn't required to pay fees?

A Certification of Indigent Representation must be E-Filed with the first responsive document, and a waiver for reason of indigency should be requested. Thereafter, you will not be assessed any fees in the case.

9.  What does NIC stand for in the payment process?

NIC stands for National Information Consortium.

10.  Are charges incurred for serving or reviewing documents through the E-Filing System?


11.  Where can I review a list of the Technology Fees?

The Technology Fee schedule is located on the E-Filing Portal page at