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24969 - In the Matter of Wyatt

Shearouse Adv. Sh. No. 23
S.E. 2d

The Supreme Court of South Carolina

In the Matter of

Christopher E. Wyatt, Respondent,


Opinion No. 24969

Submitted June 29, 1999 - Filed July 12, 1999

John P. Freeman, of Columbia, for respondent.

Henry B. Richardson, Jr., of Columbia, for the

Office of the Disciplinary Counsel.

PER CURIAM: In this attorney disciplinary matter, respondent

and Disciplinary Counsel have entered into an agreement under Rule 21,

RLDE, RULE 413, SCACR. In the agreement, respondent admits

misconduct and consents to a public reprimand. We accept the agreement.

Respondent's membership in the South Carolina Bar was

suspended for failure to satisfy the minimum, mandatory continuing legal

education requirements for the year 1997. Respondent was duly notified of

the suspension.

Thereafter, respondent engaged in the practice of law prior to

being reinstated as a member in good standing of the South Carolina Bar

when he organized a corporation for a client. However, in response to initial

inquiries by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel regarding such activity,

respondent represented that he had not engaged in the practice of law while

under suspension, a representation which was incorrect.



Respondent admits that by his actions, he has committed

misconduct under Rule 7(a)(1), (5), and (7), RLDE, by specifically violating

Rules 3.3, 8.1(a), 8.4(a), (d), and (e), of the Rules of Professional Conduct,

Rule 407, SCACR. In our opinion, respondent's misconduct warrants a

public reprimand. Accordingly, respondent is hereby publicly reprimanded

for his misconduct.


Columbia, South Carolina