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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - July 2003

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7-1-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-446 - Green v. Alston

2003-UP-447 - Crooks v. Crooks

2003-UP-448 - Geiger v. Pardee's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc.

2003-UP-449 - State v. Brown

2003-UP-450 - State v. Moore

2003-UP-451 - State v. Curry

2003-UP-452 - Laboratory Corporation of America v. Smith Center for Medical Excellence

7-2-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-453 - Waye v. Three Rivers Apartments

2003-UP-454 - State v. Simpkins

2003-UP-455 - State v. Sims

2003-UP-456 - Teague v. Moore

7-8-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-458 - InMed Diagnostic Services v. MedQuest Associates, Inc

2003-UP-459 - State v. Nellis

2003-UP-460 - Collins Music v. Lambrou

2003-UP-461 - State v. Jones

2003-UP-462 - State v. Green

2003-UP-463 - State v. Liberte

7-9-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-464 - Williams v. Housing Authority of the City of Columbia

2003-UP-465 - Webb v. Kilcoyne

7-18-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-466 - Owens v. Dawson

2003-UP-467 - SC Department of Social Services v. Averette

7-24-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-468 - Jones v. Providence Hospital

2003-UP-469 - Adams v. Cook

2003-UP-470 - BIFS Technologies Corporation v. Knabb

2003-UP-471 - Turner v. Oconee County

2003-UP-472 - Proctor v. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

2003-UP-473 - Seaside Development Corporation v. Chisholm

7-30-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-474 - Bowers v. City of West Columbia

2003-UP-475 - In the Matter of the Estate of Harley A. Newsome