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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2009

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11-2-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-503 - SCDSS v. Christy W.

11-4-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-504 - Anonymous v. SCDLLR

11-5-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-505 - State v. Kenneth Lovette Young

2009-UP-506 - State v. Isidro Martinez Juarez

2009-UP-507 - State v. Jeffrey Todd Price

2009-UP-508 - State v. Job M. Brooks

2009-UP-509 - State v. Harrison Sanders, Jr.

2009-UP-510 - State v. Kenneth Whitmore

2009-UP-511 - State v. Michael Constance

2009-UP-512 - State v. Kareem Jabbar Leaphart

2009-UP-513 - Glisson, M.D. v. State Board of Medical Examiners

11-13-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-517 - Epps v. Daniels

11-19-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-518 - State v. Greg Wall

2009-UP-519 - G & S Supply Co., Inc. v. James E. Pritchard

2009-UP-520 - The State v. Shane Taylor

2009-UP-521 - Chatles Major v. SC Department of Mental Health

2009-UP-522 - Timothy Davis v. SC Department of Corrections

2009-UP-523 - Michael Knight v. SCMV

2009-UP-524 - Shirley Durden v. George Durden, III

2009-UP-525 - The State v. Trico D. Thompson

2009-UP-526 - The State v. Herman Belton

2009-UP-527 - The State v. Jeffery King

2009-UP-528 - The State v. Shaheen R. Cabbagestalk

2009-UP-529 - SCDSS v, Crytal T

2009-UP-530 - The State v. Mario Hunter

2009-UP-531 - The State v. Clord Harrell

2009-UP-532 - The State v. Bryan Hackett

2009-UP-533 - The State v. Brandon Weaver

2009-UP-534 - Pryor, Sr. v. State of South Carolina

2009-UP-535 - State v. Rogers

2009-UP-536 - State v. Moore

2009-UP-537 - State v. Lowery

2009-UP-538 - Hess v. Norton

2009-UP-539 - State v. McGee

2009-UP-540 - State v. Sipes

2009-UP-541 - Dennison v. Dennison

2009-UP-542 - State v. Barnes

2009-UP-543 - State v. Ruger

2009-UP-544 - State v. Docherty

2009-UP-550 - State v. Finley

2009-UP-551 - State v. Gregory

2009-UP-552 - State v. Harris

2009-UP-553 - State v. Jackson

2009-UP-554 - State v. Sharpe

2009-UP-555 - State v. Neely

2009-UP-556 - State v. Cooke

11-20-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-545 - State v. Weathers

2009-UP-546 - In the Interest of Dustin D.

2009-UP-547 - State v. Gomillion

11-23-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-548 - 303 Associates v. A to Z Coatings & Sons

2009-UP-549 - Fishburne v. State

2009-UP-557 - The State v. Greg Wall

2009-UP-558 - The State v. Odell Carpenter

2009-UP-559 - The State v. Willis Weary

2009-UP-560 - The State v. Tyrone Ervin

2009-UP-561 - The State v. Tremon Doctor

2009-UP-562 - The State v. Jeffrey Wilson

2009-UP-563 - The State v. Eriv Hemingway

11-30-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-564 - Rachel Hall v. Angel Rodriquez