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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2010

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

12-1-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-516 - City of Rock Hill v. Wallace

2010-UP-517 - State v. Mintz

12-9-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-518 - Hartzler v. SC Department of Mental Health

2010-UP-519 - Hartzler v. Martin

2010-UP-520 - Fisher v. Gibbs International, Inc.

2010-UP-521 - Davis v. Waggoners Trucking

2010-UP-522 - SC Department of Social Services v. Gernetta J.

12-13-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-524 - Cooper v. Leisure Connections Travel

2010-UP-525 - Sparks v. Palmetto Hardwood

2010-UP-526 - Lachenbruch v. Barnett

2010-UP-530 - Patel v. Patel

2010-UP-531 - Kunst v. Parham

12-14-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-532 - State v. Williams

2010-UP-533 - Cantrell v. Carter

2010-UP-534 - Panas v. Panas

2010-UP-535 - Fenollol Group v. Banister

2010-UP-536 - Mappus v. SCDHEC

12-15-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-545 - State v. Martin

12-16-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-537 - State v. Seabrook

2010-UP-538 - State v. McGriff

2010-UP-539 - State v. Gambrell

2010-UP-540 - State v. White

2010-UP-541 - Carrell Homes v. Van Osdell

2010-UP-542 - State v. Smith

2010-UP-543 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Steve Miller

2010-UP-544 - Joyner v. Sumter County

2010-UP-546 - State v. Dunovant

2010-UP-547 - In the Interest of Joelle T., a minor under the age of seventeen

12-17-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-548 - State v. Young

2010-UP-549 - SCDSS v. Grace W.

2010-UP-550 - State v. Mack

12-21-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-551 - Singleton Place HOA v. Town of Hilton Head Island

2010-UP-552 - State v. Williams

2010-UP-553 - State v. Oliver

2010-UP-554 - State v. Steele

2010-UP-555 - Garrett v. Hunter

2010-UP-556 - State v. Birch

12-23-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-557 - State v. Hemingway-Cox

2010-UP-558 - Happy Rabbit v. Alpine Utilities

2010-UP-559 - State v. Haymes

2010-UP-560 - Fowler v. Fowler

2010-UP-561 - Fordham v. King

2010-UP-562 - State v. Watrus

2010-UP-563 - SCDHEC v. Windy Hill Orchard

2010-UP-564 - SCDSS v. Juanita W.

2010-UP-565 - SCDSS v. Jennifer N.

2010-UP-566 - CCDSS v. Synora C.

12-31-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-567 - State v. Bryant

2010-UP-568 - Hinson v. Stafford Park HOA

2010-UP-569 - State v. Stackhouse

2010-UP-570 - State v. Brooks

2010-UP-571 - State v. Wright