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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - February 2011

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

2-1-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-034 - In the Matter of Denny Bates

2011-UP-035 - State v. Portee

2011-UP-036 - State v. Johnson

2011-UP-037 - Harris v. Beaufort County Sheriff's Department

2011-UP-038 - Dunson v. Alex Lee. Inc.

2011-UP-039 - Chevrolet v. Azalea Motors

2011-UP-040 - State v. Weatherford

2011-UP-041 - State v. Brown

2011-UP-042 - State v. Strock

2-2-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-043 - State v. Blakeney

2011-UP-044 - Hadwin v. Ocean Air Repair & Construction, Inc.

2011-UP-045 - Vaughn v. City of Sumter

2011-UP-046 - Chappell F. v. John B.

2-4-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-047 - Edwards v. Edwards

2011-UP-048 - Brown v. Cherokee County School District One

2011-UP-049 - State v. Stuckey

2011-UP-050 - SCDSS v. Sherry H.

2011-UP-051 - SCDSS v. Ruth P.

2-10-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-052 - Williamson v. County of Orangeburg

2011-UP-053 - SCDSS v. Candida A.

2011-UP-054 - State v. Blake

2-15-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-055 - White v. SCDPPP

2011-UP-056 - Murray v. Koffskey

2011-UP-057 - Knight v. Trundy

2011-UP-058 - Jones v. Sumter County Sheriff's Office

2011-UP-059 - State v. Campbell

2-16-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-060 - State v. Parker

2011-UP-061 - Mountain View Baptist Church v. Burdine

2011-UP-062 - Roberts v. Elephant Inc.

2011-UP-063 - State v. Harper

2011-UP-064 - Stewart v. State

2011-UP-065 - MPI SC v. Levy Center

2011-UP-066 - Crawford v. Food Lion

2011-UP-067 - Moseley v. Oswald

2011-UP-068 - In the Matter of Don R. Boyd

2011-UP-069 - Bryd v. SCDC

2-23-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-070 - State v. Boyd

2011-UP-071 - Walter Mortgage Company v. Green

2011-UP-072 - Jenner Trucking v. Pioneer Machinery

2011-UP-073 - Edwards v. SCPPP

2011-UP-074 - Williams v. Leake

2011-UP-075 - Sheppard v. LPA Group

2-24-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-076 - Johnson v. Town of Town of Iva

2011-UP-077 - McClellion v. McClellion

2011-UP-078 - Carolina Aggregate v. Buffington

2011-UP-079 - State v. Maffei

2011-UP-080 - State v. Harmon

2011-UP-081 - State v. Smith

2011-UP-082 - AIIC v. Cafey

2011-UP-083 - Greene v. Greene

2011-UP-084 - Greenwood Beach v. Charleston County Assessor