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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2011

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4-5-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-134 - SCDSS v. Ruth W.

2011-UP-135 - SCDSS v. Matina N.

2011-UP-136 - SC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. v. Jenkins

2011-UP-137 - State v. Romero

2011-UP-138 - State v, Rivera

2011-UP-139 - State v. Bussey

2011-UP-140 - State v. Avery

2011-UP-141 - Visser v. Pinckney

2011-UP-142 - In the Matter of Kevin Paschal

4-11-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-143 - Booker v. SCDC

2011-UP-144 - PHH Mortgage Corp v. Ross

2011-UP-145 - State v. Grier

2011-UP-146 - State v. Alston

2011-UP-147 - State v. Evans

4-12-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-148 - Mullen v. Beaufort County School District

2011-UP-149 - In the Interest of David P

2011-UP-150 - State v. Williams

2011-UP-151 - Smith v. SGM Moonglo, Inc.

2011-UP-152 - Ritter v. Hurst

2011-UP-153 - State v. Bey

2011-UP-154 - SCDHEC v. Bush Oil Co.

2011-UP-155 - Barnes v. Serna

2011-UP-156 - Hendricks v. SCDPPP

2011-UP-157 - Sullivan v. SCDPPP

4-13-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-158 - McDonald v. SCESC

2011-UP-159 - State v. Booker

2011-UP-160 - State v. Sobreo

2011-UP-161 - State v. Hercheck

2011-UP-162 - Bolds v. UTI Integrated

2011-UP-163 - Samonsky v. BellSouth

4-14-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-164 - Onorato v. SCDMV

2011-UP-165 - Rock Hill Investment Group v. Horton

4-18-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-166 - Mantei & Associates v. Monroe

2011-UP-167 - Sanders v. State

2011-UP-168 - State v. Seifer

2011-UP-170 - Maybury v. Maybury

2011-UP-171 - Visser v. APEX Builders

2011-UP-172 - Visser v. Quality Control Painting

2011-UP-173 - Fisher v. Huckabee

2011-UP-174 - Doering v. Woodman

2011-UP-175 - Carter v. Standard Fire Insurance

2011-UP-176 - State v. Ashe

4-19-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-169 - SCDSS v. U.J.

2011-UP-177 - SCDMV v. Westfall

2011-UP-178 - Merck v. J.D. Hollingsworth On Wheels, Inc.

2011-UP-179 - Myers v. Charleston County

2011-UP-180 - Sanders v. SCDC

2011-UP-181 - Marshall v. Marshall

2011-UP-182 - Glenn v. SCDC

2011-UP-183 - State v. Jenkins

4-25-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-184 - Houston Enterprises, Inc. v. Vision Investment & Development, LLC

2011-UP-185 - State v. Brown

2011-UP-186 - East Bay Company, Ltd. v. Baxley Commercial Properties, LLC

4-28-2011 - Opinions

2011-UP-187 - Anasti v. Wilson

2011-UP-188 - Davis v SCDC

2011-UP-189 - Hartzler v. Bob Sheheen

2011-UP-190 - Charleston County DSS v. I.H.

2011-UP-191 - State v. Robinson

2011-UP-192 - SCDSS v. T.L.F.

2011-UP-193 - In the Interest of Quavious R.

2011-UP-194 - State v. Miller

2011-UP-195 - SCDSS v. Rayshana H.

2011-UP-196 - Hartzler v. SCDMH