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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2012

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

1-4-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-001 - State v. Greene

2012-UP-002 - Shock v. SCDC

2012-UP-003 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Gilbert Gonzalez

2012-UP-004 - Middleton v. Mitchell

2012-UP-005 - Auto-Owners Insurance v. Long

2012-UP-006 - State v. Adams

2012-UP-007 - State v. Poindexter

1-12-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-008 - SCDSS v. Michelle D.

1-13-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-009 - SCDSS v. Joseph M.

1-25-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-010 - State v. Mitchell

2012-UP-011 - State v. Lytes

2012-UP-012 - Wallace v. SCDC

2012-UP-013 - Manley v. Fesperman

2012-UP-014 - State v. Norris

2012-UP-015 - Fickens v. MUSC

2012-UP-016 - Middleton v. Middleton

2012-UP-017 - Burns v. SCDC

2012-UP-018 - State v. Phipps

2012-UP-019 - Ray Thomas Petroleum v. David Reza Kaveh Petroleum

2012-UP-020 - Edmonds v. Edmonds

2012-UP-021 - Rednour v. Rednour

2012-UP-022 - Dean v. Tompkins

2012-UP-023 - Adams Outdoor Advertising v. Dangerfield

2012-UP-024 - Heos v. Lawton

2012-UP-025 - Barnes v. Charter 1 Realty

2012-UP-026 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Orlando Williams

2012-UP-027 - Woodie v. Hamrick Mills, Inc.

2012-UP-028 - State v. McFadden

2012-UP-029 - Turney v. Celadon Trucking Services of Indiana

2012-UP-030 - Babaee v. Moisture Warranty Corporation

2012-UP-031 - Cramer v. SCDC

2012-UP-032 - Ortiz v. SCDC

2012-UP-033 - State v. Ratliff

2012-UP-034 - State v. Jones

2012-UP-035 - State v. Ashford

2012-UP-036 - Latta v. Phillips

2012-UP-037 - Livingston v. Danube Valley Exports

2012-UP-038 - State v. Jackson

2012-UP-039 - State v. Tobbie

2012-UP-040 - State v. Reames

2012-UP-041 - State v. Pacheco

2012-UP-042 - State v. Robinson

2012-UP-043 - State v. Scott

2012-UP-044 - Veronie v. 303 Associates

2012-UP-045 - Zokoff v. Lozada

2012-UP-046 - State v. Priester

2012-UP-047 - State v. McGee

2012-UP-048 - State v. Workman

2012-UP-049 - State v. Culp

2012-UP-050 - SCDSS v. Ronald R.

2012-UP-051 - SCDSS v. Sierra R.

2012-UP-052 - SCDSS v. James G.

1-26-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-053 - SCDSS v. Amy E.R.