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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2012

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

11-7-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-601 - Taylor v. Converse College

2012-UP-602 - State v. Eubanks

2012-UP-603 - Fidelity Bank v. Cox Investment Group

2012-UP-604 - SCDSS v. Heyward

2012-UP-605 - Earp v. Perritte

2012-UP-606 - SCDSS v. Kathy C.

2012-UP-607 - SCDSS v. Dorothy M. C.

11-14-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-608 - SunTrust Mortgage v. Ostendorff

2012-UP-610 - Crenshaw's TV v. Jocassee Partners

2012-UP-611 - US Bank v. Johnson

2012-UP-612 - Doe v. Metts

2012-UP-619 - SCDSS v. Melissa L.

11-21-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-613 - State v. Balkind

2012-UP-614 - Griggs v. Ashleytowne Recreational Development, Inc.

2012-UP-615 - State v. Deas

2012-UP-616 - State v. Good

2012-UP-617 - Lee v. Wall

2012-UP-618 - State v. Pond

2012-UP-620 - State v. Engle

2012-UP-621 - State v. Wells

2012-UP-622 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Marion Amphitheatre, LLC

2012-UP-623 - Trask v. South Carolina Department of Public Safety

2012-UP-630 - SCDSS v. Katrina J.

2012-UP-631 - SCDSS v. Kimberly E.

11-28-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-624 - Wells Fargo v. Coffaro

2012-UP-625 - Jones v. Wal-Mart

2012-UP-626 - Morant v. SCDC

2012-UP-627 - Mack v. American Spiral

2012-UP-628 - State v. Stoudenmire

2012-UP-629 - Empire Fire v. RB Recovery

2012-UP-632 - State v. Aiken

2012-UP-633 - General Air v. B & B Development

2012-UP-634 - Hiller v. Hiller

2012-UP-635 - Martin v. Norfolk Southern

2012-UP-695 - Rivera v. Newton