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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2012

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

12-5-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-636 - Dumit v. Holtzman

2012-UP-637 - State v. Chavez

2012-UP-638 - Woodward v. Norfolk Southern

2012-UP-639 - State v. Tinsley

2012-UP-640 - State v. Brown

2012-UP-641 - State v. Brown, Anthony

2012-UP-642 - Machado v. Coastal Carolina

2012-UP-643 - SCDSS v. Claudia G.

2012-UP-644 - State v. Harris

2012-UP-645 - State v. Coleman

2012-UP-646 - State v. Shivers

2012-UP-647 - State v, Ryant

2012-UP-648 - State v. Moore

2012-UP-649 - Portee v. Always Precise

2012-UP-650 - SCDSS v. Jodi H.

12-11-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-660 - SCDSS v. Kemetha S.

12-12-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-651 - State v. Stewart

2012-UP-652 - SCDSS v. Elizabeth H.

2012-UP-653 - State v. Dunham

2012-UP-654 - State v. Stewart

2012-UP-655 - State v. Addison

2012-UP-656 - State v. Kelley

2012-UP-657 - Hickey v. Resolution Management

2012-UP-663 - SCDSS v. Sherecca D.

2012-UP-670 - Burgess v. Burgess

12-13-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-671 - South Carolina Department of Social Services v. Lacy M.

2012-UP-674 - South Carolina Department of Social Services v. Devin B.

12-19-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-658 - Palmetto Citizens v. Johnson

2012-UP-659 - State v. Paugh

2012-UP-661 - State v. Hickson

2012-UP-662 - Cantrell v. Aiken County

2012-UP-664 - State v. Burgess

2012-UP-665 - State v. Hallman

2012-UP-666 - Cleveland v. City of Seneca

2012-UP-667 - State v. Hickson

2012-UP-668 - Thacker v. Aaron Sales

2012-UP-669 - Davis v. Allendale County Hospital

2012-UP-672 - Strong v. Strong

2012-UP-673 - Barrington v. Outsourcing Solutions

2012-UP-675 - State v. Chen

2012-UP-676 - Gottschlich v. Strimpfel Custom Homes

2012-UP-677 - Wells Fargo Bank v. EGIS 521

2012-UP-680 - SCDSS v. Tricia M.

12-21-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-689 - SCDSS v. Tina W.

12-28-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-678 - State v. Holston

2012-UP-679 - Sprott v. Brookdale Senior

2012-UP-681 - State v. Miralda

2012-UP-682 - State v. Chapman

2012-UP-683 - State v. Cheatham

2012-UP-684 - State v. Ivey

2012-UP-685 - McClellion v. McClellion

2012-UP-686 - State v. McQueen

2012-UP-687 - Hartman v. Horizon Motors

2012-UP-688 - Brown v. Dick Smith Nissan