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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - October 2013

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

10-2-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-360 - State v. Jakes

2013-UP-361 - McCarson v. Roldan

2013-UP-362 - State v. Brannon

2013-UP-363 - State v. Lemacks

2013-UP-364 - Fortenberry v. Fortenberry

2013-UP-365 - Atlantic Coast Properties v. Swann

2013-UP-366 - State v. Parsons

10-9-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-369 - Clayton v. Clayton

2013-UP-370 - State v. Millen

2013-UP-371 - State v. Smith

2013-UP-372 - State v. Webb

2013-UP-373 - Muldrow v. Muldrow

2013-UP-374 - Jones v. State

2013-UP-375 - Stolf Construction v. Sweetgrass Home Builders

2013-UP-376 - State v. Rollins

2013-UP-377 - State v. Shaw

2013-UP-378 - State v. Davis

2013-UP-379 - State v. Smith

2013-UP-380 - Taylor v. Taylor

2013-UP-381 - Elrod v. Berkeley County

2013-UP-382 - State v. Romero

2013-UP-383 - State v. McDowell

2013-UP-384 - Adams v. Nexsen

2013-UP-385 - State v. Lewis

2013-UP-386 - State v. Herrera

2013-UP-387 - State v. Pullen

10-16-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-388 - Johnson v. Williams

2013-UP-389 - Mosley v. SCDC

2013-UP-390 - State v. Clarkson

2013-UP-391 - State v. Tate

2013-UP-392 - Heather C. v. Kevin C.

2013-UP-393 - State v. Jones

2013-UP-394 - Padgett v. Padgett

10-23-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-395 - James v. State

10-30-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-396 - State v. Berry

2013-UP-397 - State v. Poage

2013-UP-398 - State v. Scott

2013-UP-399 - State v. Wooten

2013-UP-400 - State v. Benton

2013-UP-401 - State v. Boyd

2013-UP-402 - Channel Group v. Parks

2013-UP-403 - State v. Parker

2013-UP-404 - Evans v. Roper Hospital