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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2013

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

12-4-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-446 - State v. Shows

12-11-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-447 - Karabees v. State Board

2013-UP-448 - State v. Goodwin

2013-UP-449 - Edwards v. Jordan

2013-UP-450 - State v. Renzo

2013-UP-451 - State v. Todd

2013-UP-452 - State v. Bowen

2013-UP-453 - State v. Jackson

2013-UP-454 - State v. Bluford

2013-UP-455 - State v. Shuler

2013-UP-456 - State v. Scott

2013-UP-457 - Strope v. State

2013-UP-458 - Rivers Point Property v. Palms Property

2013-UP-459 - King v. Bennett

2013-UP-460 - Palmetto Youth v. Florence County School District

2013-UP-461 - Adams v. Amisub

12-12-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-475 - SCDSS v. Shane G.

12-18-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-462 - State v. Gathers

2013-UP-463 - State v. Jefferson

2013-UP-464 - State v. Cunningham

2013-UP-465 - State v. Prince

2013-UP-466 - St. Clements v. BE-MI

2013-UP-467 - State v. Beheler

2013-UP-468 - McGuire v. McGuire

2013-UP-469 - McDaniel v. McDaniel

2013-UP-470 - State v. Chappell

2013-UP-471 - Cudd v. Byars

2013-UP-472 - In the Interest of Cleo B.

2013-UP-473 - Johnson v. Beaufort County

2013-UP-474 - Wells Fargo v. Simpson

2013-UP-476 - State v. Coleman

2013-UP-477 - State v. Harris

2013-UP-478 - Damballah v. SCDC

2013-UP-479 - Izzard v. City of Georgetown

12-23-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-480 - State v. Page

2013-UP-481 - State v. Vanover

2013-UP-482 - State v. Pitts

2013-UP-483 - State v. Newland

2013-UP-484 - State v. Hammons

2013-UP-485 - Denton v. Denmark Technical College

2013-UP-486 - Black v. State

2013-UP-487 - State v. Laureano

2013-UP-488 - Mitchell v. Helwig

2013-UP-489 - Haynie v. Cash

2013-UP-490 - State v. Pinkney

2013-UP-491 - State v. Artis

2013-UP-492 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of O'Bryan B. Whitlock

2013-UP-493 - State v. Hampton

2013-UP-494 - Schnee v. SCDMV

2013-UP-495 - Ravenel v. Equivest Financial, LLC

2013-UP-496 - Grazia v. SC State Plastering