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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - July 2013

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

7-3-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-297 - Place on the Greene Homeowners Association v. Berry

2013-UP-298 - Richardson v. Richardson

2013-UP-299 - State Farm v. Paden-Adams

2013-UP-300 - State v. Hillerby

2013-UP-301 - Whitlock v. Collins

2013-UP-302 - State v. Sturdivant

2013-UP-303 - Weekley v. Weekley

2013-UP-304 - State v. Gaskins

2013-UP-305 - Lingard v. State

2013-UP-306 - State v. Bolden

2013-UP-307 - State v. Allen

2013-UP-308 - State v. Taylor

2013-UP-309 - Smoak v. Mitchell

2013-UP-310 - Westside Meshekoff v. SCDOT

2013-UP-311 - Pee Dee Health v. Thompson

2013-UP-312 - State v. Watson

7-10-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-313 - State v. Couch

2013-UP-314 - State v. Barnes

2013-UP-315 - State v. New

2013-UP-316 - State v. Ross

2013-UP-318 - Employers Insurance v. Hansen

7-16-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-328 - SCDSS v. Melissa S.

7-17-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-319 - State v. Buchanan

2013-UP-320 - State v. Jackson

2013-UP-321 - Ramantanin v. State

2013-UP-322 - Grove v. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

2013-UP-323 - In the Interest of Brandon M.

2013-UP-324 - Pulliam v. M.U.I. Carolina Corporation

2013-UP-325 - State v. Twyman

2013-UP-326 - State v. Wright

2013-UP-327 - Roper, LLC v. Harris Teeter, Inc.

7-24-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-329 - Snipes v. Snipes

2013-UP-330 - In the Matter of Yawn, Calvin

7-31-2013 - Opinions

2013-UP-331 - State v. Johnson

2013-UP-332 - State v. Green

2013-UP-333 - the Matter of Bobby Russell