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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2014

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

1-8-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-001 - State v. Montgomery

2014-UP-002 - State v. Land

2014-UP-003 - State v. Simmons

2014-UP-004 - In the Interest of Bryson W.

2014-UP-005 - State v. Toney

2014-UP-006 - Gallishaw v. SCDC

2014-UP-007 - Morgan v. SC Bank and Trust

2014-UP-008 - State v. Pulley

2014-UP-009 - Indra SI, S.A. v. Rotomotion, LLC

2014-UP-010 - Woods v. Hinson

2014-UP-011 - Wright v. Colleton County

2014-UP-012 - State v. Ward

2014-UP-013 - Bradley v. State

1-15-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-014 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Jimmy Mac McBride

2014-UP-015 - Torres v. World Fiber Technologies

2014-UP-016 - State v. Gadsden

2014-UP-017 - Sorrell v. SCDPS

2014-UP-018 - Roopra v. Spartanburg Automotive

1-22-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-019 - Rivera v. BAC Home Loans

2014-UP-020 - Marshall v. Marshall

2014-UP-021 - State v. Lance

2014-UP-022 - State v. Felder

2014-UP-023 - State v. Holloway

2014-UP-024 - Fernandes v. Fernandes

2014-UP-025 - State v. Moore

2014-UP-026 - Hammond v. The State-Record

2014-UP-027 - State v. Stukes

2014-UP-028 - Beverly v. Bucksville Farms

2014-UP-029 - State v. Sun

2014-UP-030 - Pelletier v. Pelletier

2014-UP-031 - Vernon v. Landmarc

2014-UP-032 - State v. Madden

2014-UP-033 - Marett v. Forrest

1-29-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-034 - State v. Newman

2014-UP-035 - State v. Callaham

2014-UP-036 - State v. Gray

2014-UP-037 - State v. Brown

2014-UP-038 - State v. Workman

2014-UP-039 - State v. Riley

2014-UP-040 - State v. Jones

2014-UP-041 - Barnhill v. Gaffney

1-31-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-054 - SCDSS v. Selentia O.