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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2014

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

11-5-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-368 - Porter v. Porter

2014-UP-369 - State v. Hogan

2014-UP-370 - State v. Tice

2014-UP-371 - State v. Baby Ray Padgett

2014-UP-372 - State v. Truesdale

2014-UP-373 - State v. Miles

2014-UP-374 - State v. Owens

2014-UP-375 - SC Second Injury Fund v. Griffco

2014-UP-376 - Brevard v. State

2014-UP-377 - State v. Walton

2014-UP-378 - State v. Satterwhite

2014-UP-379 - State v. Moore

2014-UP-380 - State v. Cole

2014-UP-381 - State v. Hunsberger

2014-UP-382 - State v. Hunsberger,

2014-UP-383 - SCDC v. Bryant

2014-UP-384 - Bettelli v. Town of Awendaw

2014-UP-385 - State v. Hayes

2014-UP-386 - State v. Thigpen

2014-UP-387 - Sheppard v. Higgins

2014-UP-388 - State v. Anthony

11-12-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-389 - Plemmons v. State Farm Mutual

2014-UP-390 - Goins v. SCDC

2014-UP-391 - State v. Nix

2014-UP-392 - City of Beaufort v. Sun

2014-UP-393 - Bowie v. Woodbine Estates

2014-UP-394 - Biondo v. Russell

2014-UP-395 - Branton v. Corbitt

2014-UP-396 - Hollis v. Fairfield County

2014-UP-397 - Stroman v. Stroman

2014-UP-398 - Smallwood v. Lee

2014-UP-399 - State v. Fullbright

2014-UP-400 - Doe v. City of Duncan

2014-UP-401 - State v. Bonner

2014-UP-402 - State v. Ward

11-17-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-412 - SCDSS v. Mack

11-19-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-403 - Martin v. State

2014-UP-404 - State v. Pearson

2014-UP-405 - State v. Longworth

2014-UP-406 - State v. Edwards

2014-UP-407 - In the Matter of William J. Wilde

2014-UP-409 - State v. Miller

2014-UP-410 - State v. Shumate

2014-UP-411 - State v. Manning

11-26-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-413 - Simmons v. State

2014-UP-414 - State v. Garvin

2014-UP-415 - West v. Luck Avenue Properties, Inc.

2014-UP-416 - State v. Price

2014-UP-417 - State v. Wingard

2014-UP-418 - State v. Ward

2014-UP-419 - State v. Walker

2014-UP-420 - State v. Morris

2014-UP-421 - In the Interest of: Jameccia L.

2014-UP-422 - Koola v. Cambridge Two, LLC

2014-UP-423 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Toney

2014-UP-424 - State v. Watkins

2014-UP-425 - State v. Brown

2014-UP-426 - State v. Cabbagestalk

2014-UP-427 - State v. Ervin

2014-UP-428 - State v. Wallace

2014-UP-429 - State v. Phillips

2014-UP-430 - Cashman Properties, LLC v. WNL Properties, LLC

2014-UP-431 - State v. Craig

2014-UP-432 - Dicapua v. State