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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - August 2015

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

8-5-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-391 - Cambridge Lakes v. Koola

2015-UP-392 - Smith v. Progressive Halcyon Insurance

2015-UP-393 - Allgire v. Blanton

8-12-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-394 - State v. Roberts

2015-UP-395 - Hodge v. Sumter County

2015-UP-396 - Estate of Essie B. Bryan v. Charleston County

2015-UP-397 - EverBank v. Scurry

2015-UP-398 - Tidelands Bank v. J.R. Gregory Ventures

2015-UP-399 - Nankin v. Danford

2015-UP-400 - State v. Floyd

2015-UP-401 - Sorcia v. Mathis

2015-UP-402 - Timmons v. SC Employment Security Commission

2015-UP-403 - Parsons v, Smith

2015-UP-404 - Deutsche Bank v. Dooly

2015-UP-405 - Jacobs v. Page

2015-UP-406 - Critcher v. Rhodes

2015-UP-407 - Ferrara v. Hunt

2015-UP-408 - Ferrara v. Hunt (Cain)

2015-UP-409 - Anderson v. Page

2015-UP-410 - Zeng v. Coosaw Partners

2015-UP-411 - State v. Presley

2015-UP-412 - State v. Coakley

2015-UP-413 - State v. Steward

2015-UP-414 - Wellborn v. City of Rock Hill

2015-UP-415 - Mikals v. House

2015-UP-416 - Carrington v. Piegari

2015-UP-417 - State v. Bonham

2015-UP-418 - State v. Arnold

2015-UP-419 - State v. Breland

2015-UP-420 - Boyce v. Nelson

2015-UP-421 - Preston v. Surgical Care Affiliates

2015-UP-422 - Nelson v. Brooks

2015-UP-423 - North Pleasant, LLC v. SC Coastal Conservation

2015-UP-424 - Hastings v. Carrara

8-19-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-425 - State v. Parris

2015-UP-426 - Hoover v. Dempsey

2015-UP-427 - McFarland v. Mazell

2015-UP-428 - Threlkeld v. Lyman Warehouse, LLC

2015-UP-429 - State v. Jenkins

2015-UP-430 - Jasper County Board of Education v. Jasper County Council

2015-UP-431 - Williams v. Smith

2015-UP-432 - Gaines v. Campbell

2015-UP-433 - State v. Clark

2015-UP-434 - Anders v. The Settings of Mackay Point

2015-UP-435 - State v. Russell

2015-UP-436 - McCarthy v. The Cliffs Communities

8-26-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-364 - Ballard v. Roberson

2015-UP-437 - State v. Macon

2015-UP-438 - Stephon D. v. SCDSS

2015-UP-439 - Branch Banking and Trust Company v. Gray

2015-UP-440 - Allen v. Walters

2015-UP-441 - Berry v. Reichardt

2015-UP-442 - State v. Decosta

2015-UP-443 - Bank of America v. Thompson

2015-UP-444 - Bank of America v. Staley

2015-UP-445 - The Estate of Gordon Bridwell v. Life and Hope Assembly of God

8-28-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-448 - SCDSS v. Robinson

8-31-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-450 - SCDSS v. Linder