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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2016

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

12-2-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-498 - SCDSS v. Cooper

2016-UP-500 - SCDSS v. Schultz

12-7-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-408 - Jackson v. OSI Restaurant Partners

2016-UP-497 - Gooden v. Gooden

2016-UP-499 - H & R Block v. Elbey

2016-UP-501 - State v. Gunter

2016-UP-502 - State v. McIlwain

2016-UP-503 - State v. Boston

2016-UP-504 - State v. Brown

2016-UP-505 - State v. Smith

2016-UP-506 - Cleveland v. SCDC

2016-UP-507 - State v. Anthony

2016-UP-508 - State v. Johnson

2016-UP-509 - SCDSS v. Coleman

12-8-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-510 - SCDSS v. Garten

12-14-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-436 - State v. Tate

2016-UP-511 - State v. Frayer

2016-UP-512 - State v. Lilly

2016-UP-513 - State v. Williams

2016-UP-514 - State v. Sanders

2016-UP-515 - Adams v. State

2016-UP-516 - State v. Gordon

12-16-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-518 - SCDSS v. Young

12-21-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-519 - Live Oak Village Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Morris

2016-UP-520 - Trexler v. The Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

2016-UP-521 - Staton v. Mohawk Industries, Inc.

2016-UP-522 - State v. Starmes

2016-UP-523 - State v. Pritchett

2016-UP-524 - Palmetto Residential Builders, LLC v. Cox

2016-UP-525 - JMT Capitol Holdings, LLC v. VDM/T Land Company, LLC

2016-UP-526 - Tucci v. Tucci

2016-UP-527 - Lucas v. Sickinger

2016-UP-528 - Fisher v. Huckabee

2016-UP-529 - Walker v. Sunbelt Human Advancement