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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - February 2016

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

2-3-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-051 - Soto v. SCDMV

2016-UP-052 - Green v. Bauerle

2016-UP-053 - State v. Payne

2-10-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-054 - In the Matter of Joint Application of Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC

2016-UP-055 - State v. Deleston

2016-UP-056 - Sellers v. Sellers

2016-UP-057 - Jackson v. Edgefield Medical Clinic

2016-UP-058 - Bracy v. Bracy

2-17-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-059 - Keitt v. City of Columbia

2016-UP-060 - State v. McKever

2016-UP-061 - Charleston Harbor v. Davis

2016-UP-062 - State v. Mullins

2016-UP-063 - State v. Bacon

2016-UP-064 - State v. Williams

2016-UP-065 - State v. Penny

2016-UP-066 - State v. Laster

2016-UP-067 - National Security Fire & Casualty v. Jenrette

2016-UP-068 - State v. Bailey

2016-UP-069 - Frick v. Fulmer

2016-UP-070 - State v. Mitchell

2016-UP-071 - Bank of America v. Koola

2016-UP-072 - American Home Assurance v. SC Second Injury Fund

2-24-2016 - Opinions

2015-UP-568 - State v. Anderson

2016-UP-073 - State v. Smith

2016-UP-074 - State v. Scarborough

2016-UP-075 - Johnson v. Pike Electric

2016-UP-076 - Randall v. Amisub of South Carolina

2016-UP-077 - Koon v. Thomas Jackson Construction

2016-UP-078 - Investment Associates v. Lancia

2016-UP-079 - Cumbee v. Fox-Cumbee

2016-UP-080 - Pastene v. Trobough

2016-UP-081 - Turner v. Sawadske

2016-UP-082 - Wildflower Nursery v. Beasley

2016-UP-083 - State v. Thomas

2016-UP-084 - Perez v. Gino's The King of Pizza

2016-UP-085 - State v. Hart

2016-UP-086 - State v. Dinkins

2016-UP-087 - State v. Blackwell

2016-UP-088 - State v. Rudd

2016-UP-089 - Breland v. SCDOT

2016-UP-090 - Certus Bank v. Bennett

2016-UP-091 - Pertuis v. Front Roe Restaurants

2016-UP-092 - State v. Gerrick

2-25-2016 - Opinions

2016-UP-113 - Ransom v. Brisbon