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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - June 2019

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

6-5-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-146 - State v. Butler

2019-UP-196 - State v. Barr

2019-UP-197 - Toney v. LaSalle Bank

2019-UP-198 - Okamura v. Aguirre

2019-UP-199 - Underwood v. Cleveland

2019-UP-200 - State v. Freeman

2019-UP-201 - In the Matter of Joshua Flowers

2019-UP-202 - State v. Hutchinson

2019-UP-203 - State v. Daugherty

2019-UP-204 - State v. Orr

2019-UP-205 - State v. Dubose

2019-UP-206 - Quarter Pointe Ventures v. Lineberger

2019-UP-207 - State v. Glover

2019-UP-208 - Moore v. Moore

2019-UP-209 - State v. Stewart

6-12-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-210 - State v. Antwon Pierre Baker

2019-UP-211 - State v. Damon E. Moody

2019-UP-212 - Leon Chisolm v. Mary Chisolm

2019-UP-214 - State v. Jose Reyes Reyes

2019-UP-215 - Valerie Lawson v. Erin Smith

6-19-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-216 - Higgins v. Higgins

2019-UP-217 - State v. Drotning

2019-UP-218 - Bliey v. Robinson

2019-UP-219 - Pope v. Wilson

6-20-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-220 - SCDSS v. Smith

6-26-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-166 - State v. Ellis - REFILED

2019-UP-176 - Town of McBee v. Alligator Rural Water

2019-UP-221 - Cooper v. East Coast Granite

2019-UP-222 - Cooper v. Berry

2019-UP-223 - Patterson #296129 v. SCDC

2019-UP-224 - State v. Morris

2019-UP-225 - Rayburn v. Dysart

2019-UP-226 - State v. Griffin

2019-UP-227 - State v. Burns

2019-UP-228 - State v. Mitchell

2019-UP-229 - Perez v. The Lamar Group

2019-UP-230 - State v. Spears

2019-UP-231 - State v. Smith

2019-UP-232 - Stewart v. Green Apple, LLC

2019-UP-233 - State v. Young, Sr.

2019-UP-234 - State v. Moore

2019-UP-235 - State v. Gray

2019-UP-236 - State v. Styles

2019-UP-237 - SCDSS v. Killian-Alexander