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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2021

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

11-3-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-369 - State v. Williams

2021-UP-370 - State v. Thompson

2021-UP-371 - State v. McCaffery

2021-UP-372 - Stone v. South Carolina

2021-UP-373 - Couram v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

2021-UP-374 - Ochoa-Tavera v. South Carolina

2021-UP-375 - State v. Jackson

2021-UP-376 - State v. Livingston

2021-UP-377 - The Savannah Homeowners Association, Inc v. Denise H. Jones and LVNV Funding LLC

2021-UP-378 - State v. Hayes

2021-UP-379 - Johnson v. Brock

2021-UP-380 - State v. Briggs

2021-UP-381 - State v. Walls

2021-UP-382 - State v. Padgett

2021-UP-383 - State v. West

2021-UP-384 - State v. Grate

2021-UP-385 - Martin v. Allen

2021-UP-386 - State v. Simpkins

2021-UP-387 - State v. Washington

2021-UP-388 - State v. Breyan

2021-UP-389 - State v. Dorko

2021-UP-390 - State v. Saunders

2021-UP-391 - State v. Patterson

2021-UP-392 - State v. Gantt

2021-UP-393 - State v. Reville

11-10-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-394 - State v. Brown

2021-UP-395 - State v. Rivers

2021-UP-397 - State v. Sinicrope

2021-UP-398 - Jiles v. SCDEW

2021-UP-399 - Still v. Vaughn

2021-UP-400 - Brooks v. Velocity Powersports

2021-UP-401 - Young v. South Carolina

2021-UP-402 - Valentine v. Cox

2021-UP-403 - Gonzalez v. Broome

11-17-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-404 - William H. McCladdie v. State

2021-UP-405 - Christopher E. Russell v. State

2021-UP-406 - State v. Lawton L. Holloway

2021-UP-407 - State v. Tequan M. Holmes

2021-UP-408 - State v. Allen A. Fields

2021-UP-409 - State v. Robert D. Shores

2021-UP-410 - State v. Quinton T. McClinton

2021-UP-411 - State v. Montrell Graham

2021-UP-412 - State v. Jody M. Childress, Jr.

2021-UP-413 - State v. Jerry J. Davis

2021-UP-414 - State v. Timothy W. Pyle

2021-UP-415 - State v. Larry E. Adger, III

2021-UP-416 - State v. Dameion E. Thomas

2021-UP-417 - State v. Ty'shun M. Bessellieu

11-19-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-419 - SCDSS v. Malaysia Freeman

2021-UP-420 - SCDSS v. Malaysia Freeman (2)

11-24-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-418 - Jami Powell (Encore) v. Clear Touch Interactive

2021-UP-421 - Rene McMasters Ronaghan v. Wayne Charpia (3)