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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2021

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-6-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-114 - SCDSS v. Slade

4-7-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-107 - State v. Byrd

2021-UP-108 - Carr v. TW Graham and Company LLC

2021-UP-109 - McCauley v. Wickensimer

2021-UP-110 - Collins v. Collins

2021-UP-111 - Crabtree v. Crabtree

2021-UP-112 - Cross v. Weaver

2021-UP-113 - Wedlake v. Acord

2021-UP-115 - SCDSS v. Flaherty

4-14-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-116 - State v. Woods

2021-UP-117 - Harrison v. SC Wind and Hail Underwriting Association

4-16-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-123 - SCDSS v. Kenyon

4-21-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-118 - State v. Trotter

2021-UP-119 - State v. Hunter

2021-UP-120 - State v. Drinkard

2021-UP-121 - State v. Cleveland

2021-UP-122 - Kearns v. Odom

2021-UP-124 - The Homestead Property Owners Association, Inc. v. Miller

2021-UP-125 - Dorsey v. Allwaste Services, Inc.

2021-UP-126 - SCDSS v. Baldy

4-22-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-127 - Burch v. Morrical

4-27-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-142 - SCDSS v. Fuller

4-28-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-128 - Colleton River Plantation Club, Inc. v. Holmes

2021-UP-129 - State v. Duvant

2021-UP-130 - State v. Echols

2021-UP-131 - State v. Robinson

2021-UP-132 - Jeanette's Loving In-Home Care Agency v. SCDHHS

2021-UP-133 - State v. Campbell

2021-UP-134 - State v. Garrett

2021-UP-135 - State v. Givens

2021-UP-136 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Kenneth Wright v.

2021-UP-137 - State v. Rich

2021-UP-138 - State v. Wilson

2021-UP-139 - State v. Wallen

2021-UP-140 - State v. Campbell

2021-UP-141 - Hemphill v. Hemphill