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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2022

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

12-7-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-428 - Anjay Patel v. Bhavesh Patel

2022-UP-429 - Bobby E. Leopard v. Perry W. Barbour

2022-UP-430 - State v. Joshua A. Kelly

2022-UP-431 - State v. John H. Davenport, Jr.

2022-UP-432 - State v. Shi H.R. Price

2022-UP-433 - State v. Michael Wiggs

2022-UP-434 - Greg German v. SCDEW

2022-UP-435 - Andrew Desilet v. SCDMV

2022-UP-436 - Cynthia Holmes v. James Holmes

2022-UP-437 - Nicholas Thompson v. Blufftown Township Fire District

2022-UP-438 - Andrietta Atkinson v. SSC Sumter East Operating Co.

2022-UP-439 - Jerry Powers v. Rizan Properties, LLC

2022-UP-440 - Jerry Powers v. Rizan Properties, LLC (2)

2022-UP-441 - Ashley Whitehead v. Barnwell School District 45

2022-UP-442 - Hardy Lanier v. SCDC

2022-UP-443 - SC Farm Bureau v. Richard Longphre

2022-UP-444 - State v. James H. Baldwin

2022-UP-445 - Bonita Steed v. Antoine Heyward

2022-UP-446 - SCDSS v. Katie J. Smalley

12-14-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-447 - State v. Otis E. Gibson

2022-UP-448 - State v. Quincy L. Hemphill

2022-UP-449 - State v. Michael L. Williams

2022-UP-450 - State v. Melvin J. White

2022-UP-451 - State v. Brian N. White

2022-UP-452 - In the Matter of Kevin Wright

2022-UP-453 - Sarah Howell v. The Heirs and Distributees of Ollie Bostic

2022-UP-454 - Chuck McCullough v. SCDPPPS

2022-UP-455 - In the Matter of Estate of Herbert Franklin Dickson, Jr.

2022-UP-456 - George Adams v. SCDPPPS

2022-UP-457 - Thelma David v. Donna Cox

12-16-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-459 - SCDSS v. Kourtney Williford

2022-UP-460 - SCDSS v. Thomas Glenn

2022-UP-461 - SCDSS v. Amber M. Nalley

12-21-2022 - Opinions

2022-U-458 - The State v. Anthony K. Mays

2022-UP-462 - Karrie Gurwood & Howard Gurwood v. GCA Services Group, Inc.

2022-UP-463 - SCDSS v. Victoria L. Dagostaro