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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - February 2022

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

2-2-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-032 - Scott Arbet v. Riverstone Development Group, Inc.

2022-UP-034 - State v. Gregory Kyle Green

2022-UP-035 - State v. Francisco Ortiz-Aguirre

2022-UP-036 - John M. Burgess v. Katherine C. Hunter

2022-UP-037 - State v. Dwayne Eigner

2022-UP-038 - State v. Kenneth Lee Brown

2022-UP-039 - Tina G. McMillan v. Jimmy Dan McMillan

2-9-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-040 - State v. David Dwyer Cockrell

2022-UP-041 - State v. Douglas Lavance Young

2022-UP-042 - State v. John Ryan Tate Wilson

2022-UP-043 - Daniel Pruitt v. Kyle Parker

2022-UP-044 - State v. John W. Thomasson Sr.

2022-UP-045 - State v. Alvin Gregory Mitchell, Jr.

2022-UP-046 - James A. Primus v. SCDC

2022-UP-047 - State v. Steven Dewayne Edwards

2022-UP-048 - James Anthony Primus v. SCDC

2022-UP-049 - State v. David Eric Hugue, Jr.

2022-UP-050 - State v. Jason S. Simmons

2022-UP-051 - Paul v. SCDOT

2022-UP-052 - State v. Durham

2022-UP-053 - State v. Foster

2022-UP-054 - Best Choice Roofing v. Woods

2022-UP-055 - State v. Heyward

2022-UP-056 - State v. Hawkins

2022-UP-057 - State v. Foster

2022-UP-058 - State v. McFadden

2022-UP-059 - Primus v SCDC

2022-UP-060 - State v. Dover

2022-UP-061 - Paul v. SCDOT

2022-UP-062 - State v. McMahan

2022-UP-063 - Rowe v. Family Health Centers

2022-UP-064 - Adams v. Richland County Sheriff's Department

2-10-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-067 - SCDSS v. Brittany McKnight

2022-UP-068 - SCDSS v. Stevie McClinton

2-14-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-079 - Dustin Cain Sisk v. Moriah S. Bowie

2-16-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-069 - Habibunnisa Begum v. Florence County Assessor

2022-UP-070 - State v. Antonio Ricardo Lee

2022-UP-071 - Nathaniel Johnson v. SCDC

2022-UP-072 - Nathaniel Johnson, Jr. v. SCDC

2022-UP-073 - State v. Nancy Elaine Carswell

2022-UP-074 - Leroy Glover v. State of SC

2022-UP-075 - James Allen Johnson v. State of SC

2022-UP-076 - State v. Jonathan William Ray

2022-UP-077 - Stone International, LLC v. Byte Software, LLC

2022-UP-078 - Cornell Patton v. Prestwick Land Limited Partnership

2022-UP-080 - Eugene L. Griffin, Jr. v. Arden Chase Homeowners' Association, Inc.

2-23-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-081 - Gena Cain Davis v. SCDS

2022-UP-082 - SCDSS v. Terance Neal, Sr.