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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - May 2022

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

5-3-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-187 - Jillian Rose Sheppard v. Terry Cadden

5-4-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-186 - William Bruce Justice v. State

5-11-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-188 - State v. Frazier Ray Singleton

2022-UP-189 - State v. Jordan Marie Hodge

2022-UP-190 - Calvin Smith v. SCDPPPS

2022-UP-191 - Timothy Paul Kearns v. Falon Elise Odom

2022-UP-192 - James Stephen Nivens v. JB & E Heating & Cooling, Inc.

2022-UP-193 - Rachel Farley v. Church of the Harvest of Columbia, Inc.

2022-UP-194 - Emiah Anderson v. SCDPPPS

5-13-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-196 - SCDSS v. Woodrow Shannon

2022-UP-199 - SCDSS v. Robin Koon

2022-UP-200 - SCDSS v. Kenneth Myers

2022-UP-201 - SCDSS v. Ja'Quetrice Tanekka Putman

2022-UP-202 - SCDSS v. Jessica Gibson-Jones

5-18-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-195 - State v. Edmund Antonio Pinckney

2022-UP-197 - State v. Kenneth Wayne Carlisle

2022-UP-198 - State v. Sincere Ja Ray Dinkins

2022-UP-203 - Estate of Patricia Royston v. Hunt Valley Holdings, LLC

2022-UP-204 - Karolee Russell v. B & R Contracting, LLC


2022-UP-206 - State v. Samuel Lee Jackson

2022-UP-207 - Floyd Hargrove v. Anthony E. Griffis, Sr.

2022-UP-208 - Shante Michele Eugene v. SCDMV

2022-UP-209 - State v. Dustin Lee Hooper

2022-UP-210 - Minnie Davis-Leaf v. Wanda Davis

2022-UP-211 - Bank of America, N.A. v. Janie C. Southern

2022-UP-212 - Daniel A. Amor v. Pamela K. Amor

2022-UP-213 - Dr. Gregory A. May v. Advanced Cardiology Consultants

2022-UP-215 - Laurel Grove, LLC v. Frances Lee Farmer Sullivan

2022-UP-216 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Charles Sullivan

2022-UP-217 - State v. Darryl Quan Travis Damond Wilson

2022-UP-218 - Patricia E. Campbell v. Joanne Ahearn

2022-UP-219 - Viresh Sinha v. Neelu Choudhry

2022-UP-220 - State v. Deipo Derrick Lewin

2022-UP-221 - Delinzy Grant v. Steel Technologies

2022-UP-222 - State v. Lagerald L. Dunham

2022-UP-223 - Resort Restaurants of Myrtle Beach, Inc. v. Galleria Shopping Center

2022-UP-224 - State v. Leandra Lamont Bright

2022-UP-225 - CCP Storage, LLC v. Dorchester County

5-25-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-226 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of James Ronnie Nichols, Jr.

2022-UP-227 - Janice McCutcheon v. Greenwood Mills, Inc.

2022-UP-228 - State v. Rickey Dean Tate

2022-UP-229 - Adele J. Pope v. Estate of James Brown