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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - June 2022

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

6-1-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-230 - Primus v. SCDC

2022-UP-231 - Miguel v. Palmetto Asset Investments, LLC

2022-UP-232 - Bradley Circle v. Town of Hilton Head Island

2022-UP-233 - Barnes v. Reese

2022-UP-234 - State v. Brown

2022-UP-235 - River City Developers v. The Marshes at Lady's Island

2022-UP-236 - Mattox v. Mattox

2022-UP-237 - SCDSS v. Brittany A. Thomas-Scibuola

6-3-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-250 - Hoffer v. Shackelford,

6-8-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-114 - State v. Mutekis Jamar Williams

2022-UP-238 - State v. Allen

2022-UP-239 - State v. Busby

2022-UP-240 - Holliday v. Holliday

2022-UP-241 - Wall v. Wall

2022-UP-242 - State v. Davis

2022-UP-243 - In the Matter of: Almeter B. Robinson v. Brooks

2022-UP-244 - State v. Pease

2022-UP-245 - State v. Mayberry and Steen

2022-UP-246 - Sellers v. Seaton, III

2022-UP-247 - Shelton v. Shelton

2022-UP-248 - Wedlake v. Edwards

2022-UP-249 - Thompson v. SCDC

2022-UP-251 - Lady Beaufort, LLC v. Hird Island Investments, Inc.

2022-UP-252 - Lady Beaufort, LLC & Tideland Realty, Inc. v. Hird Island Investments, Inc.

2022-UP-254 - State v. Campbell

2022-UP-255 - Chestnut v. Keese

2022-UP-256 - Sterling Hills Homeowners' Association, Inc v. Hayes

2022-UP-257 - Morgan v. Sterling Estates Homeowner's Association, Inc.

2022-UP-258 - McDew v. McDew

2022-UP-259 - McMillan v. State

2022-UP-260 - State v. Brown

6-15-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-261 - State v. Rogers

2022-UP-262 - McIntosh v. State

2022-UP-263 - State v. Smith

2022-UP-264 - Hutson v. Weissenstein

2022-UP-265 - Robbins v. Town of Turbeville

2022-UP-266 - Griffin v. Mosley

2022-UP-267 - Meisner v. Meisner

2022-UP-268 - Hoyt v. CollaborativeMed, LLC

6-21-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-002 - Timothy Causey v. Horry County

2022-UP-271 - SCDSS v. Jessica R. L. Torres

2022-UP-272 - SCDSS v. Donald Chisholm

2022-UP-273 - SCDSS v. Candace Griggs

6-22-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-269 - Steven M. Bernard v. 3 Chisolm Street Homeowners Association

2022-UP-270 - Latarsha Docena-Guerrero v. Rafael Docena-Guerrero

2022-UP-275 - SCDSS v. Tia O'Connor (2)

6-27-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-281 - SCDSS v LeVaughn Blanding, Jr.

6-29-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-274 - SCDSS v. Dominique G. Burns

2022-UP-276 - Isiah James v. SCDC (2)

2022-UP-277 - Amanda Griffith v. ISL Development, LLC

2022-UP-278 - Thomas True, III v. William Tuorto

2022-UP-279 - Wendy Reed v. County of Dorchester

2022-UP-280 - Edward Spears v. Michael Hopewell

2022-UP-288 - SCDSS v. Angelica Bustos

2022-UP-289 - SCDSS v. Samuel Taylor