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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2023

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

1-3-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-008 - SCDSS v. Allison

2023-UP-009 - SCDSS v. Johnson-Allison

1-4-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-001 - State v. Robert David Nolen

2023-UP-002 - David L. Scheer v. Southern Myrtle Inpatient Services, LLC

2023-UP-003 - Town of Lexington v. Patty Cox Wingard

2023-UP-004 - Bristol West Preferred Insurance Company v. Lemore Young, James E. Young

2023-UP-005 - David Abdo v. City of Charleston

2023-UP-006 - State v. Eric Charles Peterson

2023-UP-007 - Lorgio D. Morales v. State

1-9-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-016 - SCDSS v. Adam Peterson

2023-UP-017 - SCDSS v. Heather Knight

1-11-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-010 - James Williams, Jr. v. Nakia New-Graham

2023-UP-011 - Therese Hood v. USAA

2023-UP-012 - In the Matter of : Almeter B.Robinson

2023-UP-013 - Oriole Properties , LLC v. Ivan Martinez

2023-UP-014 - Palmetto Pointe v. Island Pointe

2023-UP-015 - Federal Logistics, Inc. v. DMP Construction, LLC

1-12-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-018 - Salmans v. McDonald

1-17-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-023 - SCDSS v. Ricky R. Myers

1-18-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-019 - State v. Jason J. Owen

2023-UP-020 - Bridgett Fowler v. Fedex

2023-UP-021 - Fonda E. Patrick v. Gasnel E. Bryan, M.D.

2023-UP-022 - Michael Scott and Heike Scott v. Eugene Rhinehart

1-25-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-024 - 1st Franklin Financial v. Estate of Roby A. Adams

2023-UP-025 - Brock v. Langville

2023-UP-026 - Green v. State

2023-UP-027 - Santos v. Harris Investment