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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - February 2023

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

2-1-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-028 - State v. Julio A. Castillo

2023-UP-029 - State v. Walter Murrey

2023-UP-030 - State v. Jeffrey J. Dauer

2023-UP-031 - State v. Ramona M. Gales

2023-UP-032 - Wanderlove Travel, LLC v. Avanti Destinations, LLC

2023-UP-033 - Maria Hernandez v. Mary V. Fields

2023-UP-034 - Christopher Abrams v. Melinda Humphries

2023-UP-035 - Jessica Means v. Donald McCutcheon

2023-UP-036 - Gene Cooper v. The State

2023-UP-037 - Diana Bright v. Craig Bright

2023-UP-038 - Sherry A. Lee v. Light Rx Greenville

2023-UP-039 - In the Interest of Larryion G., A Juvenile Under the Age of Seventeen

2023-UP-040 - Michael Williams v. Raymond Arnold

2023-UP-041 - Joy Wymer v. Floyd Hiott

2023-UP-042 - Thomas Jackson v. Joe Henry

2023-UP-043 - In the Matter of Craig A. Carroll (2)

2023-UP-044 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Doris J. Dixon

2023-UP-045 - State v. Joshua T. Rothwell

2023-UP-046 - Robert De Cierov. Horry County (2)

2-2-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-047 - SCDSS v. Christy Knight

2023-UP-048 - SCDSS v. Scott Duncan

2-8-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-049 - The State v. John I. Duncan, III

2023-UP-050 - The State v. Chesnee L. Mattress

2023-UP-051 - The State v. Jason E. Stoots

2023-UP-052 - Trudy B. Mattox v. Benjamin J. Russell and Chere Mitchell

2023-UP-053 - Larry Bright v. Heather Davis

2023-UP-054 - SCDSS v. Cherry and James Couillard

2023-UP-055 - M. Baron Stanton v. Town of Pawleys Island

2023-UP-056 - Joe Hand Promotions v. Christopher M. Ruegsegger

2-13-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-061 - SCDSS v. Robinson

2-15-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-057 - Antonio Sadler v. State

2023-UP-058 - Alonzo C. Jeter, III v. State

2023-UP-059 - State v. John A. Webb (2)

2023-UP-060 - Edgar Bruce Massey v. James Anthony Fanning

2023-UP-062 - Raglins Creek Farms, LLC v. Nancy D. Martin

2023-UP-063 - SCDSS v. Krista M. Walls

2-22-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-064 - Karen K. Baber v. Summit Funding Inc

2023-UP-065 - LeNora Harrison v. Otis Speight

2023-UP-066 - John Danko, III v. Brooklyn Danko

2023-UP-067 - State v. Herbert A. Pray

2023-UP-068 - Charles Waymon Murphy v. Arthur C. Niverson

2023-UP-069 - Charles E. Houston, Jr. Dean B. Bell

2023-UP-070 - James Kincannon v. Ashley Griffith

2023-UP-071 - SCDSS v. Michael Reep

2-27-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-072 - SCDSS v. Alyssa Dishneau

2023-UP-073 - SCDSS v. Kent Noon