In The Court of Appeals

David Paul Landers and Brenda Ann Landers,        Respondents,


Pamela J. Cloninger and Oda Thorne, Defendants, Of Whom Pamela J. Cloninger is        Appellant.

Appeal From Spartanburg County
Billy A. Tunstall, Jr. , Family Court Judge

Unpublished Opinion No. 2003-UP-434
Submitted April 18, 2003 Ė Filed June 25, 2003


David Christopher Sereque of S.C. Centers for Equal Justice, of Spartanburg, for Appellant.

James Fletcher Thompson, of Spartanburg, for Respondents.

David Harold Hanna, Sr., of Spartanburg, P.O. Box 1904, for Guardian Ad Litem.

PER CURIAM:† Pamela J. Cloninger appeals from the termination of her parental rights to her minor child.† The family court found the following grounds were proved by clear and convincing evidence: the child or another child has been harmed and because of the severity or repetition of the abuse or neglect, it is not reasonably likely that the home can be made safe within a twelve month period; wilfull failure to support; and the parent has a diagnosable condition unlikely to change within a reasonable time and the condition makes the parent unlikely to provide minimally acceptable care of the child.† S.C. Code Ann. ß 20-7-1572 (1), (4) & (6) (Supp. 2002).† The family court also found the best interests of the child were served by terminating Cloningerís parental rights and allowing David Paul Landers and Brenda Ann Landers to adopt the child.†

Pursuant to Ex parte Cauthen, 291 S.C. 465, 354 S.E.2d 381 (1987), Cloningerís counsel attached to the record of the family court proceedings an affidavit stating his belief that the appeal lacks merit.† Neither the Landers nor Cloninger filed a response to counselís affidavit.

Upon reviewing the record and the family courtís determination in its entirety, we find no meritorious issues warranting briefing.† Accordingly, the family courtís decision is


CURETON, ANDERSON, and HUFF, JJ., concur.†