September 28, 1978


TO: Magistrates
FROM: L. Edmund Atwater, III, Staff Attorney
RE: Revision of the Receipt Procedure

Effective immediately, it is permissible, where a patrolman or other law enforcement officer brings a group of uniform traffic tickets to the judge at one time, to use one receipt for the total amount of money given to the magistrate on these tickets. In order to use the one receipt, it is mandatory that each ticket and the amount of money for that particular ticket number be listed on the backside of the receipt. This can be accomplished by simply reversing the carbon paper to face in the opposite direction and writing on the back of the magistrate's copy of the receipt. An example would be one receipt issued of Officer Smith for $200. The numbered receipt would show on the back thereof each individual traffic ticket by number and the amount of money for that ticket. These tickets should total to the amount shown on the face of the receipt. Where the number of tickets presented requires the use of several receipts for there to be a sufficient space on the back, each receipt should show on the face only for the number of tickets shown on the reverse side of the receipt.

Upon ordering a resupply of the receipt forms, we will have a space printed on the back of the receipt, similar to a bank deposit slip, where the numbers will be inserted. Since it is imperative that we have a record of the amount of money collected on each ticket, particular care should be taken in preparing the receipt. Should you have any questions concerning the revised procedures or how to implement it, please contact Mr. Terry Leverette of this office.