November 26, 1979


TO: All Chief Judges for Administrative Purposes
FROM: Burke Fitzpatrick
RE: Monthly Filings of Twenty-Four Hour Duty Rosters

As you are aware, twenty-four hour magisterial duty rosters are to be filed on a monthly basis with the Office of Court Administration, the sheriff of each county, the clerk of court, and each magistrate in the county. This is pursuant to the Orders of Chief Justice J. Woodrow Lewis dated June 25, 1979.

The Office of Court Administration has been experimenting some difficulty in receiving these schedules in a timely fashion. It is therefore requested that duty rosters be submitted so that they reach the Office of Court Administration no later than five days preceding the beginning of each reported month. This will serve to bring all counties into compliance with the Order of June 25, 1979, and assure us the capability of determining magisterial responsibility in any twenty-four hour period. Chief judges are also reminded that schedules should evenly and fairly distribute the work load between all magistrates, including themselves.

Thank you for your past and continued cooperation.