January 14, 1997


TO: Magistrates and Municipal Judges
FROM: Derrick K. McFarland, Staff Attorney
RE: Issuance of Arrest Warrants for Multiple Offenses and for Multiple Defendants

You will find in the ORDERS section of the Bench Book, an Order dated February 22, 1984 prohibiting the issuance of a single arrest warrant ordering the arrest for more than one defendant and/or describing more than one separate offense. Putting more than one defendant on a warrant causes problems in service and in monitoring which warrants are still pending on a given defendant.

Most counties have adopted a policy of naming only one defendant and one offense on each warrant. Since caseload and sentencing information is identified by the original warrant or ticket number, it is increasingly important to separate defendants or offenses when the matter is initiated rather than later.

This Order applies to all warrants, whether charging an offense within the jurisdiction of the Court of General Sessions or the summary courts.

By copy of this memorandum, I am advising the clerks of court to notify this office of any warrants filed with the circuit court which violates the provisions of the Order.

Your assistance in this matter will help in establishing accurate criminal history records and in determining the volume of pending warrants.