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Desiree R. Allen, Program Manager


Utilization of Court Interpreters for Persons with
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) 

Revised Court Interpreter Directory Now Available


August 24, 2015

Court Administration is required by statute to maintain a centralized list of certified or otherwise qualified interpreters for use in Courts of South Carolina.  We have revised the Court Interpreters Directory for use by our courts.   The Directory includes only those interpreters who have demonstrated a willingness to improve the quality of interpreting services rendered in our courts by enhancing their skill level by enrolling in the South Carolina Court Interpreter Certification Program.  The Directory is organized by language and by county.   The county pages list both Certified and Otherwise Qualified interpreters.  The dates the interpreter successfully passed the various portions of the SCCICP are listed.   For certified interpreters the designation includes the state abbreviation where they obtained the certification.    Please make every effort to contact and utilize these individuals listed in the Directory.    If there is not an interpreter listed for the language needed, please do not hesitate to contact this office for assistance.  The interpreters appointed must meet the requirements of SC Code Sections 15-27-155(B) or 17-1-50(A)(4) AND submit a sworn affidavit to the Court regarding their qualifications.   This document should accompany the required forms when they are sent by your office to Court Administration.      

Please instruct staff to cancel the interpreter appointment if their services will not be needed.  The Judicial Department is required to pay for interpreter services rendered and not for cancellations, travel, and waiting time for interpreters.    We encourage the use of telephonic non-English speaking interpreters in the Summary Courts, when possible.   Court Orders governing the use of court interpreters are included in the Court Interpreters Directory.    

The forms to be used for interpreter services consist of an Order of Appointment, Request for Payment, and Interpreter Timesheet (SCCA 262, 263, and 264). They must be signed by the judge and interpreter, then reviewed by court staff and mailed directly to Court Administration from the court.    The forms are available for download on the Judicial Department website at  Please download the most recent forms for use by the interpreters. 

Please distribute this memo to all members of your staff who have duties relating to court interpreters.    If you have questions concerning interpreters, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

CC:          Rosalyn W. Frierson, Director