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Crimes & Offenses Section

A. Alcoholic Beverages
  1. Alcohol - Distilleries, etc.
  2. Beer, Wine, etc. - Persons Under Age 21
  3. Beer, Wine, etc. - Tax Levy
  4. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Intoxicating Liquors, etc.
  5. Employment of a Person Under 21 in Liquor Business
  6. Open Containers of Beer and Wine in Moving Vehicles
  7. Purchase of Liquor by Person Under Age 21 or Misrepresentation of Age
  8. Sale of Liquor to Persons Under Age of 21
  9. Transporting with Broken Caps or Seals in Motor Vehicle
  10. Unlawful Purchase of Alcoholic Liquor - Generally
  11. Unlawful Sale or Manufacture of Liquor - Generally
  12. Unlawful Storage or Possession of Alcoholic Liquors
  13. Unlawful Storage or Transportation of Illegal Alcoholic Liquors
B. Fraudulent Checks
  1. Generally
  2. Inapplicability of Statute
  3. Prima Facie Evidence
  4. Stopping Payment with Intend to Defraud
  5. Instructions for Magistrates
  6. Magistrates' Jurisdiction and Sentencing
  7. Municipal Court Jurisdiction and Sentencing
C. Offense Against Morality and Decency
  1. Assualt with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct
  2. Bigamy
  3. Criminal Sexual Conduct - First Degree
  4. Criminal Sexual Conduct - Second Degree
  5. Criminal Sexual Conduct - Third Degree
  6. Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor – First Degree
  7. Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor – Second Degree
  8. Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor – Third Degree
  9. Disseminating Harmful Material to Minors
  10. Incest
  11. Indecent Exposure
  12. Obscentity
  13. Prostitution
  14. Sexual Exploitation of Minor
D. Offenses Against the Peace
  1. Conspiracy Against Civil Rights
  2. Destroying Records in Public Building
  3. Failure to Stop for Law Enforcement Vehicle
  4. Hindering Officers, Rescuing Prisoners
  5. Riot
  6. Riot, Rout, or Affray
  7. Slander - Libel
  8. Stink Bombs
  9. Violations of Emergency Proclamation
  10. Wearing Masks
E. Offenses Against the Person
  1. Accessory Before the Fact
  2. Administering or Attempting to Administer Poison
  3. Assault and Battery - 3rd Degree
  4. Assault and Battery - 2nd Degree
  5. Assault and Battery - 1st Degree
  6. Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature (ABHAN)
  7. Assault or Intimidation on Account of Political Opinions or Exercise of Civil Rights
  8. Threatening Life, Person, or Family of Public Official
  9. Assault with Concealed Weapon
  10. Child Endangerment in Motor Vehicle
  11. Conspiracy to Kidnap
  12. Employing Person Under 18 to Commit Certain Crimes
  13. Failure to Remove Doors From Containers
  14. Homicide By Child Abuse
  15. Kidnapping
  16. Assault and Battery By A Mob - First Degree
  17. Assault and Battery By A Mob - Second Degree
  18. Assault and Battery By A Mob - Third Degree
  19. Voluntary Manslaughter
  20. Involuntary Manslaughter
  21. Murder
  22. Reckless Homicide
  23. Felony DUI
  24. Unlawful Conduct Towards Child
  25. Domestic Violence – 3rd Degree
  26. Domestic Violence – 2nd Degree
  27 Domestic Violence – 1st Degree
  28 Domestic Violence Of A High and Aggravated Nature
  29. Violation of Terms and Conditions of an Order of Protection
  30. Trespass on the Grounds of a Domestic Violence Shelter
  31. Stalking and Harassment
  32. Harassment, 1st Degree
  33. Harassment, 2nd Degree
  34. Stalking
F. Offenses Against Property
  1 Altering Landmarks
  2 Arson - First Degree
  3 Arson - Second Degree
  4 Arson - Third Degree
  5 Attempted Arson
  6 Avoiding Payment of Telephone Services
  7 Bomb Threats/Conveying False Information Regarding Attempted Use of a Destructive Device
  8 Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent
  9 Breaking Into Automobiles, Tanks
  10 Burglary - First Degree
  11 Burglary - Second Degree
  12 Burglary - Third Degree
  13 Burning Crops, Etc
  14 Burning Lands of Another
  15 Burning to Defraud Insurer
  16 Carjacking
  17 Coloring or Sale of Animals or Birds
  18 Computer Crime
  19 Cutting, Removing, or Transporting Forest Products Without Consent; Fraudulently Acquiring Forest Products
  20 Damaging by Means of Explosive or Incendiary
  21 Damaging or Tampering With Vehicle
  22 Defrauding Hotel, Inn, Boardinghouse, Rooming House, Cafe, or Restaurant
  23 Driving Vehicle Through Planted Fields
  24 Dumping Litter On Private Or Public Property
  25 Embezzelement of Public Funds
  26 Entering Bank to Steal
  27 Entering House Without Breaking
  28 Entering Premises After Warning or Refusing to Leave on Request
  29 Entry on Another's Land After Notice
  30 Refusing to Leave Public Premises After Regular Hours
  31 Entry on Another's Land For Various Puposes Without Permission
  32 Failure to Return Rented Objects; Fraudulent Appropriation of Such
  33 Failure to Return Rented Video Cassette
  34 False Reports of Stolen or Converted Vehicles
  35 False Tokens or Letters
  36 Forgery
  37 Gasoline, Unlawful to Dispense Without Payment
  38 Grand Larceny
  39 Ill-Treatment of Animals
  40 Injury or Destruction of Buildings or Crops by Tenant
  41 Larceny of Bicycles
  42 Larceny of Livestock
  43 Malicious Injury to or Interference With Microwave, Radio or Television Facilities: Unauthorized Use of Such Facilities
  44 Malicious Injury to Place of Worship
  45 Malicious Injury to Animals and to Property
  46 Obtaining Signature or Property by False Pretense
  47 Parking on Private Property Without Permission
  48 Petit Larency
  49 Purse Snatching
  50 Receiving Stolen Goods
  51 Robbery on Trains
  52 Robbery - Operators or Vehicles for Hire
  53 Robbery While Armed With a Deadly Weapon
  54 Safecracking
  55 Shoplifting
  56 Stealing Dogs
  57 Swindling
  58 Tampering With Utility Meters
  59 Theft of Electric Current
  60 Tools for Criminal Use
  61 Train Robbery
  62 Trepass
  63 Trepass Upon Railroad Tracks
  64 Use of Vehicle Without Permission
  65 Wilful Sale of Property on Which Lien Exists
  66 Sale of Secured Property Without Consent
G. Offenses Against Public Justice
  1 Acceptance of Bribes by Officers
  2 Acceptance of Bribe by Juror
  3 Acceptance of Extra Compensation
  4 Aiding Escape from Jail
  5 Aiding Escape from Officers
  6 Bribery of Witness in Criminal Cases
  7 Corrupting Jurors
  8 Influencing a Juror
  9 Misprison of Felony
  10 Offering Bribes
  11 Perjury and Subornation of Perjury
  12 Refusal or Failure to Obey Subpoena; Refusal to Take Oath orTestify
  13 Resisting Arrest or Service
  14 Threatening Judge, Juror or Witness
  15 Willful Failure to Appear in Compliance With Uniform Traffic Ticket
H. Offenses Against Public Policy
  1 Blackmail
  2 Cockfighting
  3 Contributing To the Delinquency of a Minor
  4 Destruction or Desecration of Human Remains
  5 Disturbing Schools
  6 Impersonating Law-Enforcement Officer
  7 Interference With Fire and Police Alarm Boxes
  8 Peeping Tom - Eavesdropping
  9 Public Disorderly Conduct
  10 Scalping
  11 Unlawful Purchase or Transporation of Copper Wire or Pipe
  12 Unlawful to Transport Child Outside State to Violate Custody Order
  13 Unlawful Use of Telephone
  14 Voyeurism
I. Offenses Involving Weapons
  1 Carrying Concealed Weapons
  2 Carrying A Handgun
  3 Carrying Weapons on School Property
  4 Discharging Firemarms At or Into Dwelling, Vehicle, Aircraft, Watercraft, etc.
  5 False Information on License Application
  6 Fire Bombs
  7 Firearms in Public Buildings
  8 Illegal Possession of Tear Gas Gun
  9 Machine Guns, Sawed-Off Shotguns and Rifles
  10 Placing Loaded Trap Gun or Spring Gun
  11 Pointing Firearm at a Person
  12 Resisting Arrest With Use or Threat of Use of A Deadly Weapon
  13 Sale or Delivery of Pistol; Possession by Certain Person; Stolen Pistols
J. Poisons, Drugs, and Other Controlled Substances
  1 Generally
  2 Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Glue Sniffing)
  3 Conditional Discharge for First Offense
  4 Distribution to Person Under Eighteen
  5 Distribution Within Proximilty of School
  6 Possession, Manufacture, And Trafficking; Methamphetamine and Cocaine Base
  7 Obtaining Certain Drugs, Preparations or Compound by Fraud, Deceit, etc.
  8 Possession of Certain Quantities of Controlled Substances as Evidence on Intent to Distribute
  9 Possession of Methamphetamine or Cocaine Base
  10 Possession of Small Quantities of Marijauna or Hashish
  11 Prohibited Acts A: Possession and Distribution of Controlled Substances
  12 Prohibited Acts B: Licensed Distributors
  13 Prohibited Acts C: Distribution and Manufacture Violations
  14 Sale, etc. of Misbranded Package or Container of Dangerous Caustic and Corrosive Substances
K. Financial Transaction Card Crime Act
  1 Generally
  2 Penalties
  3 Financial Transaction Card (FTC)
  4 Financial Transaction Card Theft
  5 Financial Trasnaction Card Forgery
  6 Financial Transaction Card Fraud
  7 Criminal Possession of Financial Transaction Card Forgery Devices
  8 Criminally Receiving Goods or Services Fraudulently Obtained