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Orders, Lists, Transmittal Letters and Advisories in Connection with DUI/DUAC Backlog Reduction

Chief Justice Jean H. Toal has issued 132 orders to summary courts statewide addressing DUI/DUAC backlogs in those courts and the disposal thereof. Those orders, transmittal letters and advisories may be viewed by following the links below. Inquiries concerming this matter may be directed to South Carolina Court Administration at (803) 734-1800.


DUI/DUAC Orders and Lists of Pending DUI/DUAC Cases

Transmittal Memoranda/Letters

Chief Magistrates and Chief Municipal Court Judges on CMS

Chief Municipal Court Judges

Circuit and Family Court Judges


South Carolina Bar Members

All Sheriffs, All Chiefs of Police, All City and County Prosecutors

Mark Keels, Esquire, SC Department of Public Safety

The Honorable Alan Wilson, Office of the Attorney General

Magistrates and Municipal Judges, conflicts in hearing dates between summary courts