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Administrative Orders - 2017
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Order No.   Topic Forms/Rules Affected
2017-01-02-01 Magistrate Eligibility Examination
(Amends Order 2015-02-25-01)
2017-01-03-01 Chief Judges for Administrative Purposes of the Summary Courts
2017-01-04-01 Interest Rate on Money Decrees and Judgments
2017-01-10-01 Clerk of Court and Register of Deeds Advisory Committee
(Supersedes Order 2016-04-05-01)
2017-02-15-01 Revised Judgment in a Civil Case Form (SCRCP Form 4C)
(Supersedes Order 2016-11-29-01)
2017-02-24-01 Amended Designation of Business Court Judges
(Supersedes Order 2017-02-08-01)
2017-03-03-01 Asbestiosis and Asbestos Litigation Order