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Chief Justice's Commission on the Profession - Welcome

The Chief Justice's Commission on the Profession was formed in 2000 with a broad mission to promote the profession of law. The Commission on the Profession operates as a commission of the South Carolina Supreme Court. Pursuant to Rule 420 (SCACR), the Commission is charged with "ensur[ing] that the practice of law remains a high calling which serves clients and the public good." The Commission is comprised of well-respected practicing lawyers, representatives from our state's law schools, an instructor of legal assistance, and judges from our appellate courts and most of the South Carolina trial courts.  The Commission further benefits from the ex officio service of leaders in the law, including the President of the South Carolina Bar, the President-elect of the South Carolina Bar and the Executive Director of the Bar.

Since its inception, the Commission has promoted the improvement of the legal profession on many fronts. Among the endeavors of the commission through the years are:  the Supreme Court mandatory mentoring program for new members of the bar; revisions to the lawyer's oath, including a civility provision; enlargement of a judge's oath of office, specifically incorporating provisions relating to civility, temperament and equal justice for all; revisions to the Rule 403 "trial experience rule," with an emphasis on amending the rule to reflect the changing nature of the practice of law; substantial revisions to our grievance and disciplinary rules based on recommendations from the American Bar Association; establishment of a rule to graciously assist members of our profession in cognitive decline; the establishment of a "Lawyers Helping Lawyers" presence in the state's law schools; the establishment of a mentoring program for magistrates and municipal judges; and the establishment of a paralegal certification rule.

As you can see, the Chief Justice's Commission on the Profession has accomplished much through the years, and our passion to continue this work remains strong — we remain committed to the enhancement of the legal profession!

Chief Justice Donald W. Beatty

Justice John W. Kittredge

Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice
South Carolina Supreme Court
John W. Kittredge
South Carolina Supreme Court
Chair, Commission on the Profession