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Chief Justice's Commission on the Profession - Certificate of Appreciation Recipients
The Certificates of Appreciation are presented from the Justices of the Supreme Court of South Carolina to individuals in recognition of exemplary and exceptional service to the Commission on the Profession and for representing the legal profession with great honor and integrity. Since the implementation of this recognition program in 2009, the Supreme Court has acknowledged the outstanding service of the following individuals:

Justice Kittredge presents Certificate of Appreciation to M. Dawes Cooke, Jr.


M. Dawes Cooke, Jr.


Dean Emeritus John E. Montgomery
Elizabeth H. Warner


The Honorable Dorothy Mobley Jones
Lesley M. Coggiola
R. Michael Ethridge
Robert S. Wells
William K. Witherspoon


The Honorable Usha Jefferies Bridges
The Honorable S. Jackson Kimball, III
J. Blaire Cann
Anne S. Ellefson
Mary A. Germack
Jack B. Swerling
Flo Lester Vinson


The Honorable Aphrodite K. Konduros
Jason M. Bobertz
Elizabeth Van Doren Gray
H. Sam Mabry, III
Samuel W. Outten
J. Calhoun Watson
Sharon C. Williams


The Honorable J. Michael Baxley
Alice F. Paylor


Lesley M. Coggiolo
Claire C. Fort
Angus H. Macaulay
Robert S. Wells


A. Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr.
Stephen A. Spitz
Bradish J. Waring


The Honorable Robert S. Armstrong
Carl L. Solomon
Robert M. Wilcox


G. Dewey Oxner, Jr.
Fred W. Suggs, Jr.
Jack B. Swerling
Flo Lester Vinson


Thomas M. Boulware
Lesley M. Coggiola
Mary A. Germack
Barbara L. Seymour