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RE: Arrest and Search Warrant Forms Prescribed for Use by the State and Its Political Subdivisions


EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 1978

Pursuant to the authority vested in it by Section 4, Article V, of the Constitution of the State of South Carolina to adopt rules governing the administration of the courts of the State, the Supreme Court hereby promulgates the following rule providing for arrest warrants and search warrants issued by the State and its political subdivisions to be in a form prescribed by the Attorney General.

The Order dated March 17, 1978, pertaining to arrest and search warrant forms prescribed for use by the State and its political subdivisions is rescinded.

IT IS ORDERED that the arrest warrant and search warrant forms attached, as approved by the Attorney General pursuant to Act No. 237 of 1975, be adopted by this Court and shall, from and after October 1, 1978, be the only arrest warrant and search warrant forms used throughout the State and its political subdivisions. The provisions of this Order shall be effective in Greenville County on and after August 28, 1978.


s/ J. Woodrow Lewis          C.J.

s/ Bruce Littlejohn                A.J.

s/ J. B. Ness                        A.J.

s/ Wm. L. Rhodes, Jr.          A.J.

s/ George T. Gregory, Jr.      A.J.

August 25, 1978
Columbia, South Carolina