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South Carolina
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South Carolina Court Administration

The State Constitution provides that the Chief Justice is the administrative head of the state judicial system.  Court Administration was established in 1973 to aid the Chief Justice in the administration of the state judicial system. This office has a wide range of responsibilities and duties, which include recommending to the Chief Justice schedules of terms for circuit and family court, assigning judges to preside over these terms, and scheduling and supervising the court reporters who transcribe the proceedings. Court Administration provides assistance to individual courts on procedural matters.

Photo of Calhoun Building

Tonnya K. Kohn
State Court Administrator

Karama B. Herrington
Director, Court Services

Daniel Jones
Deputy Director, Trial Court Services

Tiffany Raines
Deputy Director, Judges' Scheduling, Court Reporting, and Court Interpreting

Tammie Holmes
Manager, Court Reporting

Chelsea Kennedy
Manager, Judges' Scheduling

Office Location:
Calhoun Building
1220 Senate Street, Suite 200
Columbia, South Carolina 29201-3739

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Excluding State Holidays

Voice: (803) 734-1800
FAX: (803) 734-1821