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RE:  ABC Trial Rosters in the Family Court


Pursuant to Article V, Section 4 of the South Carolina Constitution,

IT IS ORDERED that an ABC Trial Roster shall be set for each term of family court.  Any contested case set for three or more hours shall be designated as the "A" case.  Each "A" case is to be backed up by a "B" case and a "C" case.  If the "A" case goes to trial, the "B" and "C" cases are to be continued and rescheduled as an "A" case.  If any of the "A", "B", or "C" cases settle, the presiding judge shall conduct a hearing(s) to approve the settlement(s) and dispose of the case(s) before commencing the contested case.

This Order shall apply to the terms of family court set for the week of January 7, 2013 and all subsequent terms thereafter.  This Order shall remain in effect until amended or rescinded by Order of the Chief Justice.

  s/Jean H. Toal
Jean Hoefer Toal
Chief Justice

November 21, 2012
Columbia, South Carolina