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Re: Alternate Dispute Resolution Forms


Pursuant to the provisions of S. C. CONST. Art. V, ยง 4,

IT IS ORDERED that SCCA 234 โ€“ Civil Action Coversheet with a revision date of (12/2015) and SCCA 467 โ€“ Family Court Coversheet with a revision date of (12/2015) be amended on page two to reflect mandatory mediation in all counties, effective January 1, 2016. Additionally, SCRFCMFORM02 โ€“ Certificate of Exemption with a revision date of (12/2015) is amended for clarity for family court cases exempted from mediation.

These forms are approved for use in the common pleas and family courts of South Carolina. Previous versions of these forms are obsolete.

These forms are available on the South Carolina Judicial Department website at


  s/Jean H. Toal                                   
Jean H. Toal, Chief Justice

December 30, 2015
Columbia, South Carolina