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2017-02-24-01 (Superseded by Order 2017-12-20-02) (Superseded by Order 2019-01-30-01) (Superseded by Order 2023-07-14-01)

The Supreme Court of South Carolina

In re: Amended Designation of Business Court Judges


Pursuant to the provisions of S.C. CONST. Art. V, §4,

IT IS ORDERED that in addition to their other duties as circuit court judges, the following judges shall preside over the Business Court Regions and At Large:

Region 1:  The Honorable R. Lawton McIntosh and the Honorable J. Mark Hayes II

The Honorable Edward W. Miller has been removed from the rotation of assignments to
new Business Court cases for Region One pursuant to the May 18, 2016, order of Chief Justice Costa M. Pleicones.  Judge Miller shall continue to serve as a Business Court Judge for any cases to which he was previously assigned.  

Region 2:  The Honorable Clifton Newman and the Honorable William H. Seals, Jr.

Region 3:  The Honorable Roger M. Young, Sr., the Honorable Maite Murphy, and the Honorable R. Markley Dennis, Jr. 

At Large:  The Honorable J. Derham Cole, the Honorable Diane Schafer Goodstein, and the Honorable Alison R. Lee 

This Order is effective immediately.

s/Donald W. Beatty                     
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice  

February 24, 2017
Columbia, South Carolina